Make-Up Work Information

  • If you miss class, there will be work waiting for you when you return. There are steps you can take in the meantime to catch-up quickly and not be overwhelmed when you return. Be proactive and:

      1. Email your teachers for assignments or work that was introduced on the day(s) you were absent.
      2. Check the Team for each class. In many cases, teachers post work to the class team for you to access. You will need your Windows login to access your digital apps.
      3. Review the list below for additional information about missing work.

    If you are too sick to complete your work, focus on getting better. If you are feeling up to completing work, but not ready to return to school, we encourage you to get a head start on your work. Once you return, we follow the timelines in the policy for make-up work.

Make-Up Work By Class

  • Band: Students will practice music we have been working on in class, working ahead on the sheet music/book if they are gone for an extended time.  Students must also fill out the music practice log form (in the documents section below) and return it to Mr. Williams with a parent's signature. 

    ELA: There is a paper packet located at the front desk in the office. Information is also posted on Teams.   

    Explore & Innovation: For most projects this year, you will receive a calendar with what we are completing each class period. Check the calendar for what you are missing each day you are absent and complete those parts of the project. Feel free to email Mrs. Martinez or send her a chat on Teams if you need help ( 

    Orchestra: Please practice the songs that we are currently working on and review the pages we last worked on from our String Basics book. Students must also fill out the music practice log form (in the documents section below) and return it to Mrs. Ahn with a parent's signature.

    PE: Please review the assignment posted in the documents section below for information on the assignment and exercise log.    

    Science: Teachers have posted information and assignments on Teams with instructions. Check there first. Then email the teacher if additional help is needed. Digital copies can be sent or packets can be picked up either week of or in advance. Lastly check-in when returning to school. 

    Study Skills: We would like our students to read for 20 minutes, reflect on what they read in paragraph form, Dreambox for 20 minutes, Lexia for 20 minutes, and then focus on completing assignments from their core classes (20 minutes).

    Tech of Science: All work we are doing this week is on Teams.  If you look in the "File" section (next to Posts) you will see "Class Materials."  Inside that folder is "Shop Safety."  You will find the correct folders/files by looking at the Agenda information in the "Posts" section.

Apps for Make-Up Work

  • The following digital apps are either referenced in the make-up work directions above or would be helpful when completing make-up assignments:

    Paper Tutoring Logo


      • Office 365 (includes Excel, OneDrive, Outlook, Powerpoint, Teams, Word and more)

    If you need assistance with your assignments, you can access Paper tutoring through Clever.

    The following programs may be used as a portion of your make-up work assignment:

Make-Up Work Document Library