Arrival & Dismissal

Arrival and Dismissal Procedure

For student safety, we ask that students arrive no earlier than 7:10am and exit campus within the first ten minutes following the final bell. The front doors to the North Courtyard open at 7:10am. Students are supervised in the North Courtyard and Cafeteria until the first bell rings at 7:25am. If students are dropped off or picked up by vehicles, we ask that personal vehicles avoid the main parking lots between 7:00-7:30am and 1:30-2:30pm. During this time, student drop-off and pick-up is available on the two side streets adjacent to the school. The lower parking lot is available for student drop-off, pick-up and visitor parking during all other times. We ask that the front of the school be reserved for buses and emergency vehicles during school hours. Click here to view our student drop-off/pick-up map. This document is also posted in the file library on our Handbook page.

Crossing guards and campus supervisors are on duty before and after school for increased safety during arrival and dismissal times.

Our expectations for students is outlined in the Arrival & Dismissal section of our Cub Core 4 Matrix.

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