Clayton School Uniform

Archie Clayton Pre-AP Academy School Uniform Policy (Effective 2015-2016 School Year)


    All students are expected to be in school uniform while on campus during the school day and at school events with the exception of “free dress days” or “spirit days.” These days will occur throughout the year.


    In addition to the WCSD dress policy, Archie Clayton Pre-AP Academy school uniform policy includes the following:


    o   Clayton logo polo in green or black, and/or Clayton logo sweatshirt must be the outer layer when in class


    o   Solid black or tan/khaki pants, shorts, or skirts

    o   No rips, holes, or different color designs or patterns

    o   No leggings or jeggings

    o   No athletic sportswear such as sweats, running shorts, yoga pants etc.

    o   Skirts must be AT-LEAST mid-thigh in length

    o   Shorts must be AT-LEAST mid-thigh (Bermuda or Cargo shorts)

    Under Uniform

    o   Long sleeve shirts may be worn UNDER the uniform polo and must be solid black, white, or gray

    o   Tights or leggings may be worn under approved uniform shorts/pants/skirts, and must be solid black or tan

    Head Coverings

    o   No head coverings or sunglasses on campus

    o   Hats must be left in backpacks or lockers during school hours

    Coats and Jackets

    o   Winter coats do not have to match our uniform colors

    o   Coats, jackets, and non-uniform sweatshirts are not to be worn in the classroom



    Uniform Purchasing


    Uniforms can be purchased online @ for pickup.

    Kate’s Logos School Uniforms

    1221 W 2nd St

    Reno NV 89503



    An exchange program has been established to trade gently used shirts and bottoms as students outgrow clothes. The Clayton Parent Club will sell used shirts and bottoms at Back-to-School Nights in the fall and will continue to sell them while supplies are available. Financial assistance is available for students who are in need. If you are in need of assistance with the cost of the uniform, please contact your school counselor.


    All students at Archie Clayton Pre-AP Academy are expected to follow the school uniform policy. Violation of the uniform dress code will result in:


    1st Offense

    o   Student will receive a verbal reminder

    o   Parents/Guardians may be called and asked to bring a uniform shirt or appropriate bottoms

    o   Student and parents/guardians will receive a copy of the uniform policy

    o   Student warned of consequences for second violation


    2nd Offense

    o   Parents/Guardians will be called by teacher or administrator to discuss the uniform policy and problem-solve strategies to comply with the dress code

    o   Parents/Guardians will be asked to bring an appropriate change of clothes

    o   Student may be assigned detention

    o   Student warned of consequences for third violation


    3rd Offense

    o   Parents/Guardians called by administrator and/or parent conference with administrator

    o   Multiple days of detention, loss of privilege, or in school suspension (ISS) may be assigned for defiance of school rules

    o   Parent/Guardians asked to bring an appropriate change of clothes

    o   Student warned that further violations could result in suspension