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2nd Semester Paper Due: May 24th

  • 2nd Semester Paper


    AP European History 2nd Semester Paper Mr. McCart


    1. Written Section: You are to write an informal paper describing your feelings and thoughts on several of the issues below. You do not need an exact thesis and you can feel perfectly free to contradict yourself as long as it appears to be as a result of an honest conflict in your thinking or feelings. These should be about five pages but you are not limited in your length. Begin these soon so that they become, in effect, running commentaries or diaries of your thought processes/feelings from our work these past few months.


    Some of the questions you may wish to address as you write include:

    1. What person in our study this year fascinated you the most? Has anyone been your model of greatness?
    2. What subjects of study truly changed you or caused you to significantly question your own values?
    3. To what extent are you now a Burkean as opposed to a Paine-ian? What study this year most significantly influenced your degree of liberalism/conservatism?
    4. How do you stand in relationship to human nature? Good or evil? How does that affect your hope for a better world in the future?
    5. Consider the representations of culture we have studied. Discuss how they might apply to your own attitudes reflected in #1-4 above. Reflect also on how they relate to your own degree of nationalism, your attitudes towards other racial groups, your sense of class, etc.


    1. Prepare a three minute talk based on your written paper that best states what you feel you would most like to convey to your classmates about what you have learned this year.