• Monday, November 14, 2022  

    Ch 21 pp. 690-97on background to French Revolution and American Revolution


    Tuesday, November 15, 2022  

    Handout French Revolution Assignment, Discuss Pg 691-697 Socratic Dialogue Method
    Causes of the French Revolution PowerPoint


    Wednesday, November 16, 2022  

    Read 697-702
    : Re-read Pages 620-622-Absolutism in France
    Movie: Tale of Two Cities, Homwork: FR Assigment


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    Movie: Tale of Two Cities, Homwork: FR Assigment BRING IN WHITE T SHIRT


    Friday, November 18, 2022  

    Lecture: Phases of the French Revolution

    -------------------------------------------Papers Due  

    Common Core: Declaration of the Rights of Man
    : Read feminist Olympe de Gouges p. 722-23


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Crane Brinton's Anatomy of a Revolution

French Revolution Assignment


    French Revolution Assignment    


    Causes and Developments of the French Revolution:

    Political, Socioeconomic or Intellectual


    DUE : 


    Write a paper on the following:

    “Ideas more than political or economic concerns, drove the French Revolution up to the summer of 1794.” Analyze to what extent you agree with the above quotation. Cite six to ten primary source documents.


    Length: About 1000 words



    An “A” paper will see all three (ideas, politics and economics as major contributors but will find one dominant cause). An “A” paper will be able to successfully analyze the complexity of the revolution, seeing causes overlapping and see a combination of ideas, politics and economics. The “A” paper will distinguish long term vs. short term. It will note any shift from one cause to another as the revolution takes its course in the five years between summers of 1789 and 1794. Finally, the “A” paper will reflect ample study of outside readings on the French Revolution.


    The paper requires no set number of paragraphs but an easy way to organize it would be by chronology: Part One long term causes to 1789,

    Part Two moderate phase 1789-August 1792 (start of Convention), and Part Three the radical phase to the beginning of the Directory. A chronological paper would discuss the revolution as it unfolded analyzing the respective ideological, political and economic explanations of each.


    *You must turn a copy into www.turnitin.com as well as provide me with a printed version


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    Password: mccart


    Email me with any problems: cmccart@washoeschools.net


    You can use MLA or APA citation format. Just look them up online and be consistent.


A Great Resource for Primary Source Documents of the French Revolution

PowerPoint: Causes of French Revolution