Reno High School Counseling Department

  • We understand that the district closure will cause many questions and confusion.  Please know that counselors will continue to support you -- our students and families -- as best we can from a distance.  For now, please know that these are our top priorities:

    • Your well-being– Please take this opportunity to practice healthy self-care.
      • Invest in learning new techniques to manage stress.
      • Finish make up work so that you feel caught up when we return. 
      • If you are interested in community resources, please see link at the bottom of this notice.
    • Your academics:
      • Stay connected to your teachers and school. Your 4th period teacher will be reaching out as well as department office hours for you to access
      • Continue working on classes that are done outside the school, if possible (i.e. TMCC Dual Credit through their preferred modality, BYU, Edgenuity, Job Experience, or Extended Studies)
        • Some of these programs may bring up questions- see “Other” bullet below
      • Stay up to date and continue working so upon our return, you are on track and caught up
    • How you can contact your counselor:
      • Email – we will work to answer your questions on email
      • Each counselor will have online office hours 
      • Rest assured, all your questions will be answered
      • Continue working on these classes as much as possible. If this is not an option (for example your place of work is closed) then do not worry about this. The district is working on how to proceed in this situation.
      • TMCC is currently working on their online permission form for next year’s classes. It will not be available until April 15th. 5-digit English codes for RHS are on the RHS Counseling webpage
      • BYU is also on hold. Extensions will be provided to get all final exams administered however, you MUST be completed with all course work and ready to order the final when we return. Please use this time to complete ALL your classes (in place of district review packets) but DO NOT order your final exam until April 16th unless notified to proceed differently
      • Edgenuity- Mrs. Mann will be available via email. The program will allow you to work freely forward through the curriculum and you will also be able to take the final.
      • Extended Studies- PE credit is the largest issue. As of right now, the district is still working on a solution for this. You will be notified once we know how to proceed.

    The school district is doing their best to keep you informed and will continue to do so as more information becomes available on our district website . 

    For frequently asked questions regarding COVID 19, school activities and school closure related issues, more information is found at   A list of 2019 Community Resource Guide & Emergency resources can be found at We thank you for your patience at this unique and interesting time.