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    Lecture: Imperialism

    Imperialism Part 3 Asia

    Review for Imperialism test Take Quiz with Learning Team


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    Study for Test Chapter 26 Test
    Write a reaction to White Man's Burden


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    Ch 26 Test on Imperialism

    Causes of WW I papers assigned.  


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    Work on papers

    Read Pages 887-899

    Military strategies; historiography Read 900-904


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    No Class : Work on Causes of WWI papers: Due Tuesday


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Causes of WWI Papers





    Causes of WWI Papers


    Causes of WWI Paper

    1 Germany

    2 Austria-Hungary

    3 Russia

    4 France

    5 Serbia

    6  Great Britain

    7 Japan

    8 Italy

    9 Ottoman Empire


    Europe was a powder-keg before WWI waiting to explode. Write a three-page paper (double spaced) outlining the reasons your assigned nation went to war. Papers should include rationale for taking sides, objectives of your nation, policy goals, as well as P.E.R.S.I.A . reasoning for taking sides. Please list the international disputes that pushed certain nations closer together as well as issues that drove nations further apart. What events occurred that led to conflict and what was the rationale of your nation during such events?

    Please use three sources. McKay (textbook) plus two others. Please ensure the sources are academic. 

    Use Long Essay Question (LEQ) format 

    LEQ Rubric

    When finished with your paper underline CONTEXTUALIZATION  in blue,

    Underline the THESIS/CLAIM  in red,

    Underline TWO SPECIFIC EXAMPLES of evidence relevant to the topic of the prompt  in black, 

    Underline SUPPORTS AN ARGUMENT in response to the prompt using at least TWO specific and relevant examples of evidence in green

    Underline Uses historical reasoning (Comparison, Causation, CCOT) to frame or structure an argument that addresses the prompt. in orange.

    Underline Demonstrates a complex understanding of the historical development in red. 





    • Where do the nations stand within the system of alliances promoted by Bismark in 1879-1918
    • In 1877-78 Russia was victorious in a war with the Ottoman Empire. Where does your nation stand and why?
    • In 1890, William II of Germany refused to renew the Russian-German Reinsurance treaty. Where does your nation stand?
    • Europe now begins to have two rival blocks
    • In 1900 Germany decided to expand its battle fleet. Where does your nation stand and why?
    • In 1905 Germany attempts to gain control of Morocco. Where does your nation stand?
    • In 1908 Austria annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    • 1914 Archduke Francis Ferdinand heir to the Austrian throne is assassinated by Serbian revolutionaries. Where does your nation stand and why?


    Use turnitin.com I WILL NOT READ YOUR PAPER UNLESS IT IS SUBMITTED FIRST!!! Stay away from A.I. as it will just become a hassle for everyone even if you have the best intentions. Turnitin has an A.I. detector. The goal of the paper is to master writing a long essay to pass the AP Exam. 


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