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  • CNTV Insider, Spring 2020

    Posted by Staff on 1/15/2020


    The Spring 2020 CNTV Insider intro! As we continue our rebrand to CNTV 28, everything is getting an overhaul, including our intro! 

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  • Trooper Hannah DeGoey, Public Information Officer

    Posted by Jeff Shoemaker/Nikki Cenac/Elany Capacia/Cole Scronce on 1/15/2020

    Trooper DeGoey speaks to video students, with a keyboard cat meme behind her.


    Trooper Hannah DeGoey, Public Information Officer for the Nevada Highway Patrol, spoke to Video Production III and Advanced Studies students. Trooper DeGoey spoke about her career as a law enforcement officer, and how she wants to make social media more fun and keep it social. She shared posts with students that had anywhere from 100,000 impressions to over 1 million. Through the use of memes and other engaging content, she hopes that more people see law enforcement posts and announcements, and aren't afraid to interact with them.


    Since taking over her role, DeGoey has grown NHP's social media following by over 8,000 followers on Twitter, and 5,000 followers on Instagram. Her goals of constant growth and improvement have really shown through regular and quality content on all social media platforms.


    One of the emphasis of DeGoey's talk is professionalism and respect. DeGoey encounters people on a daily basis that ask if she is a "real cop," or people that refuse to call her a "Trooper." She says she doesn't enjoy working with people that are disrespectful unprofessional and actively looks to interact and work with journalists and community members that are respectful and professional. These lessons apply outside of law enforcement PR, and apply in every workplace. 

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