• Yes We Can!



    COURSE CONTENT:  This is a specialized program that focuses on the acquision of daily living skills needed for effective transition into the community after completion of high school.  Functional reading, writing, and math skills are emphasized throughout the school day.  Transfer of those functional academic skills are encouraged when on community outings and when involved in vocational exploration and training on or outside of the school campus.


    INSTRUCTION/EVALUATION:  Instruction will be in small groups with individualized, functional academics as appropriate focusing on application to real-world situations.  Areas of functional academics instruction will involve survival reading (reading of warning signs, labels, instructions, etc), shopping, budgeting, banking activities, money skills, social skills, vocational skills, problem solving, personal advocation, personal safety, personal information, job applications, life skills, cooking skills, home safety, accessing the community, leisure activities, etc.


    COURSE PREREQUISITE:  Student will be placed in the CLS Program through the IEP process.


    SPECIAL MATERIALS/FEES:  $30 per semester for CLS community exploration activities and food preparation class.