"Art is fun when we focus on learning skills. 

     Learning can happen as we work productively and solve art problems."

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    Student Conduct
    Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner to foster a learning environment where academic success can occur. The proper attitude of each participant can greatly enhance the overall learning experience for everyone. Any behavior that interrupts the teacher's ability to teach and other students' ability to learn will not be tolerated. 
    "Drawing on the right side of the brain"
    Drawing is the foundation of all other arts. It requires a lot of practice to learn the drawing process and develop the skills. It uses the right side of the brain, while verbal communication uses the left side of the brain. Unnecessary conversation occurring during the drawing exercise disrupts the natural flow of visual information from the eye through the brain to the hand. When students draw well, they are “zoned out” from the world around them. Because we are working in an open environment, it is required that students limit their conversations to the work in progress during the observational drawing process. All students are expected to be considerate of their fellow students.  

    * Contact Ms. Yeom if you have questions/concerns.