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    Finish Exploration

    : PLEASE
     READ PAGES 502 TO 512


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    Begin Reports
    Discuss Montaigne on ""Cannibals"" in
    Foreign Lands( Kagan Page 349) Write a quickwrite (intro+thesis) Do individuals…


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    Study guide and essay questions: Choose two of three questions that you believe you know more about, make a list for each question in order to decide.
    : Without your book or notes, make an outline of the two essay questions you chose in class.


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    Nacire... Discussion

    Turning Point Dates (Review for Big Exam)


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Socratic Dialogue Questions

  • Socratic Dialogue 493-502

    1. What were the 17 provinces?
    2. Why were they important sites?
    3. What was the bourse?
    4. What kinds of liberties did the provinces have?
    5. Who was “in charge” of the Low Countries?
    6. Where did Charles V come from?
    7. In 1556 when Charles V abdicated, who did he leave in
    8. Why did Calvinism appeal to the middle class?
    9. What was Phillip II’s response to the revolt in the
    10. How long did civil war rage between the Protestants
    and Catholics in the Netherlands?
    11. What was the “Union of Utrecht”?
    12. What geographical region remained Protestant?
    13. What forced Elizabeth’s hand in the conflicts?

    14. Was Phillip II a bit religious? How?
    15. Did he become pious?
    16. What did he think about religious toleration?
    17. What tied Phillip’s hands in dealing with religious
    18. How did Mary of Scotts influence Phillips’s foreign
    19. What was the Spanish Armada?
    20. What happened to the Spanish Armada?
    21. What did the defeat prevent Phillip from doing?
    22. What was the Peace of Augsburg?
    23. What was the Protestant Union?
    24. When and how did violence first erupt in the Thirty
    Years War?
    25. What are the four phases of the Thirty Years War?
    26. What was the Peace of Westphalia?