• Wednesday, February 28, 2024  

    WWI Causes Debate


    Thursday, February 29, 2024  

    Read pages 904-910
    : 19th Century Russian History timeline-- ,
    Re read pages 837-838


    Military history of WW I; Home front of WW I 

    Lecture on Causes of Russian Revolution 1905-1914; Rasputin excerpts

    Finish Ch 27 on Treaty of Versailles----


    Friday, March 1, 2024  

    Discuss Versailles and the consequences Groups of 3: What would you do if you were one of the leaders
    creating the peace settlement?

    -DEBATE Compare to Congress of Vienna What are the philosophical differences between Metternich and Wilson? COMMON CORE ON TREATY OF VERSAILLES


    Saturday, March 2, 2024   No Class 
    Sunday, March 3, 2024   No Class