• Monday, January 17, 2022  

    No Class Martin Luther King Day


    Tuesday, January 18, 2022  


    Read and take notes on Austrian Revolution of 1848 and Prussia.Page 780- 782. Why would Marx be accurate in saying that the Liberal middle class cannot be trusted? 


    Wednesday, January 19, 2022  



    Discuss why Great Britain, unlike the rest of Europe, did not have a revolution in 1848.
    Show Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People
    Discuss background of 1848 Revolution in France: clash between middle class and workers that led the June Days.

    Small Groups: Briefly compare 1848 Revolutions; 
    Discussion of Revolutions of 1848--Look for BIG PICTURE PATTERNS

    Again why not in Great Britain?

    What was going on in the U.S. at this time?


    Make political spectrum
    as review of Ch23;


    Thursday, January 20, 2022  

    Read about Napoleon III. Was he a  liberal or conservative; My interpretation is that he was the first of modern politicians. Be able to explain why.
    Read about France's 3rd Republic
    Read carefully Unification of Italy pp. 826-829 Garibaldi and Cavour 


    Friday, January 21, 2022  

    Ch 23 Test plus short answers


    Saturday, January 22, 2022   No Class
    Sunday, January 23, 2022   No Class

Women Romantic Writers: Mostly unknown poets but whose fault is that? Read some and tell me who you

Caspar Friedrich: Compare to painting in your text on p. 767

William Blake on Materialism: This is a non-scholarly site that has collected some of Blake's p

William Blake and Isaac Newton: Is Blake sympathetic to Newton?