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    Class Syllabus 


    Advanced Placement (AP) European History
    Reno High School
    Mr. McCart
    Course website: www.washoeschools.net/cmccart
    Email: cmccart@washoeschools.net
    Phone: 333-5050

    Goals of the Course…
    • Introduce cultural, economic, political, and social developments that served to create the world today.
    • Provide a narrative of events and movements since 1450
    • Develop a comprehension of some of the themes in modern European history
    • Develop an ability to convey historical understanding in writing.
    • Develop an ability to analyze, compare, contrast, and differentiate historical evidence and historical interpretation.

    Topic Outline…
    • Cultural and Intellectual History
    • Diplomatic and Political History
    • Economic and Social History

    Required Textbook…
    • McKay, John, A History of Western Society, Houghton Mifflin Company

    Supplementary Reading from…
    Many primary and secondary sources.

    Course Fees…
    There is a $5 fee for class consumables. 

    Course Website…
    This course has a website that students ought to use in order to facilitate success in the classroom. It contains a schedule of the semester, forums, daily notes, daily PowerPoint presentations, and many other useful postings that will be added daily. 

    FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. This includes those given by administrators, staff, substitute teachers and me. Please ask me for help on something you don't understand. 

    COME TO CLASS PREPARED WITH ALL REQUIRED MATERIALS. Always assume you need your textbook, pen, pencil, paper and notebook.

    TURN IN YOUR ASSIGNMENTS ON TIME. It is your responsibility to keep up with your work. NO credit will be given if the work is turned in late. 

    PROMPTNESS. Be in your seat before the bell rings with your book bags off desks, and your notebook out ready to work. 

    ALLOW STUDENTS TO LEARN AND TEACHERS TO TEACH. I'll treat you with respect and consideration and it's expected that you will treat peers and adults in a courteous and respectful manner. Adopt an attitude of a scholar. 

    COMPLY WITH ALL SCHOOL RULES, REGULATIONS, AND POLICIES. It's most important that you know the rules if you are expected to follow them. Read your student handbook. 

    KEEP THE CLASSROOM (and desks) CLEAN. Before leaving class check your area. Pick up paper and return desk to original place unless otherwise instructed. Put trash in the trash can. 

    TESTS. These are a way to evaluate your progress and understanding of the material. You will have a variety of these evaluations including oral debates and circles, objective tests, essays and culminating projects. You may often have daily quizzes. 

    CALENDAR. A daily reading and assignment calendar will be provided. Some changes are made during the period but the calendar is usually accurate. You are required to keep up with the reading schedule. The tests are posted on the calendar as well as due dates for major assignments. If you are absent a day, please refer to your calendar. 

    GROUPS. We often work in groups. This requires cooperation and that you pull your own weight. If you have not participated in the group activity and allowed others to do all of the work you risk receiving a zero for the activity or for a daily grade. 

    PARTICIPATION. Everyone is expected to answer oral questions, ask questions and participate in class and group discussions. Participation is graded .The learning environment is positive and as a class we will make it possible for all to participate comfortably. 

    ETHICAL BEHAVIOR. Do your own work. Work that has been copied from others or plagiarized will not be accepted. **** Cheating on tests will result in a zero on that test and parental contact. Please follow the Reno High School honesty code. We will be using www.turnitin.com password for the class is mccart

    Presenting work or ideas from another source as your own, with or without consent of the original author, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgment. All published and unpublished material, whether in manuscript, printed or electronic form, is covered under this definition, as is the use of material generated wholly or in part through use of artificial intelligence (save when use of AI for assessment has received prior authorisation e.g. as a reasonable adjustment for a student’s disability). Plagiarism can also include re-using your own work without citation. Under the regulations for examinations, intentional or reckless plagiarism is a disciplinary offense. (adopted from the Oxford disciplinary policy). 

    ATTENDANCE. Please avoid absences. Many class activities cannot be reproduced. Often with group-work, other students are depending upon you to be present with your completed work. The WCSD 90% attendance policy will be in effect. The student automatically loses the chance to earn credit in the class with 10 or more absences. 

    CONSEQUENCES. You make your own choices. There are many rewards for correct choices, as well as punishments for choices outside the rules. Listed below are both positive and negative consequences: 

    CELL PHONES. There will be a zero-tolerance policy for cell phone use in this classroom. If you have your cell phone out at any time when cell phone use is not authorized by the teacher or administrator, you will be required to place your locked cell phone in the back office until the end of class. If you are told repeatedly to place your phone in the office, you must automatically do this at the beginning of every class.

    1. Praise to the student 
    2. A great education 
    3. Special privileges in the classroom (able to sit where you want, may be able to miss an assignment) 
    4. Good grades

    B. NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES 1. Verbal or written warning
    2. Your time spent with me discussing current world events, not such a bad time. (30 minutes after school or at lunch with prior notice to student and parents) 
    ************Possible not always required********************** 
    3. Parent-Teacher conference (usually a telephone call, followed by a request for a meeting).
    4. Referral to appropriate vice principal.

    Students and parents need to be aware that major disruptions or infractions will result in the student being sent to the appropriate principal without regard to the outlined discipline plan. 

    1. Intolerance of other cultures, genders, and religions.
    2. Bullying behavior.
    3. Disrespect to another students beliefs or comments.
    4. Learned helplessness. (I can’t do it, do it for me)

















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