• Academies Offered

    Communication Arts and Media Academy
    The Communication Arts and Media Academy is an academy that teaches students to use technology in order to communicate. This academy deals mostly with visual arts, with classes Animation I (3D and 2D), Graphic Design I, II, III, and Video Production I, II, and III. The academy is run by two teachers, Robert Zorn (Video Production) and Rachel Robinson (Graphic Design). In these courses, students learn how to create visually pleasing works and how these works impact the viewer. Each class deals with ads and videos that could possibly be seen or distributed throughout the community. Students put together portfolios and reels of their works at the end of each year, posing as a type of technological resume. 

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    Culinary Academy
    For more information regarding the Culinary Academy, please click here.

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    Teaching and Training Academy
    The Teaching and Training Academy, formerly known as the Early Childhood and Elementary Education program at AACT, has undergone significant curriculum changes and is headed by a new educator, Dena Locke.  The students who are involved in this academy learn employability skills, developmental theories, social psychology, ethics, legal policies and safety along with self-exploration, in order to be prepared to succeed in a multitude of career fields, including the following: education, healthcare, psychology, social work, pathology and audiology. Through the level one Teaching and Training course, students will be able to develop talents in others and learn how to work with youth of different ages. The skills acquired can be used toward many career fields.

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    Engineering Academy
    Coming soon...

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    High School of Business Academy
    The Business Academy is a member of the High School of Business program and adopts the curriculum that goes along with it. In addition to this, students in this academy are in charge of running the vending machines and the 380, AACT’s student store. Students are also in charge of accounting, inventory, purchasing and daily upkeep of these two business projects. In addition to their daily duties at school, the academy participates in the CTSO called FBLA, which stands for Future Business Leaders of America. 

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    Medical Academy
    The Medical Academy provides students with experience in the medical field. The academy is taught by Mrs. Urrutia and Heather Spencer, a REMSA employee.  Some of the classes offered are CERT, EMS, Heath Occupations, EMT, Anatomy, and Medical Terminology. Academy students have the chance to volunteer at hospitals and compete in HOSA competitions.  Our HOSA Chapter works hard to include the entire academy in HOSA activities and classes.  While in CERT, students can become teen CERT certified and get their FEMA 100 and 200 certifications. While in EMS, students can become CPR certified and basic first aid certified.  At the end of the EMT course, students can become a certified EMT. 

    At the HOSA student leadership conference in Las Vegas, AACT took 34 competitors, 21 of which took home a medal with 8 bronze, 9 silver and 4 gold. The gold medal winners competed in Medical Reading, Medical Assisting, Pathophysiology and Veterinary Science. Three of the gold medal winners will be going to HOSA Internationals as well as the two students who won the Heart Saver Award.  

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    Natural Resources and Animal Sciences (NRAS) Academy
    The Natural Resources and Animal Sciences Academy gives students the opportunity to work in the agricultural field of careers. This academy offers agricultural based classes including: Agriculture Science 1, Agriculture Science 2, Plant Science and Horticulture, Floriculture, Greenhouse Management, Natural Resources and Wildlife Management, and Veterinarian Science. Each student in this academy is a member of the National FFA Organization.  Students can choose from a variety of Career Development Events (CDE’s) to practice and compete at a state and national level. NRAS students also have the opportunity to attend different leadership camps and workshops with other Nevada FFA chapters, as well as different community and school activities that our Sierra Nevada chapter is involved in. 

    Check us out at: http://www.sierranevada.theaet.com/AETHome.aspx?ID=31501

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