• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    1. What is AACT?
    AACT is a full-time accredited high school. Students can take advanced career and technical education (CTE) courses and required academic courses to earn a high school diploma and graduate from AACT. Students may simultaneously earn high school credit and free community college credit. Additionally, AACT offers AP and Honors classes.
    2. What are advanced career and technical education (CTE) courses?
    They are job specific courses that prepare students to continue their technical education after high school or obtain a job related to that career field. These courses meet business and industry requirements wherever possible. Courses may have prerequisites to insure students are prepared to meet course demands. 
    3. Who can attend AACT?
    All Washoe County School District students who meet the criteria for Signature/CTE programs are eligible to apply to AACT. 
    4. Can I still compete in athletics or other extra-curricular activities?
    Students remain eligible to participate in activities and athletics at their zoned high schools.  However, AACT offers unique student activities programs. Several Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs), unique to the CTE environment, are offered at AACT. Virtually all CTE courses are involved in SkillsUSA, which provides students the opportunity to develop business, leadership, and technical skills commonly found only among seasoned adult professionals. The Medical Academy offers membership in the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) chapter. Like SkillsUSA, HOSA offers students rare leadership, skill building and competitive opportunities. Over the years, AACT has had numerous local, regional, state, and national level champions in CTSO competitions. Students in the Natural Resources and Animal Sciences Academy can compete in FFA and students in the Business Academy can compete in FBLA.
    5. Why would I want to earn an AACT diploma?
    A diploma from AACT will give you a competitive advantage for college entrance, advanced technical training, and assist you in finding a job in your chosen career field. 
    6. What does it mean that I am able to earn college credit?
    Most of the courses at AACT allow you to simultaneously earn high school and free college credit. You may earn up to 15 college credits as long as you meet certain course requirements. 
    7. How much will it cost to attend AACT?
    It’s free! There is no tuition, although there are standard lab and organizational fees. 
    8. Will transportation be provided to AACT?
    Limited transportation is provided. Please reference the school district's transportation website for more information.
    9. How do I enroll at AACT?
    Applications for incoming 9th grade students are managed through Washoe County Signature Academies and Career Technical Education (SATCE) Office.  AACT accepts applications for 10th grade students starting in January.  Students in 11th or 12th grade who have CTE credits from their previous school are also welcome to apply. Click here for more information on how to apply.