• Emergency Protocol

    In the event of a school emergency, parents will be notified by Washoe County School District (WCSD) about the situation, and directions regarding what may need to be done. Information will be made available on the WCSD Website and will be sent out to all media outlets, including all local television and radio stations.  A Connect-Ed phone call will be made by WCSD to relay important information to parents/emergency contacts.  Should parents require more information, please call the WCSD Parent Information Line at (775) 334-8373.  During emergency situations, it is recommended that parents call this number rather than the school.

    Please Note
    :  In the event of a Code Red, the school will be unable to take any incoming calls.  If a school has an incident and it is necessary to send students home, the reunification procedure will be as follows:

    • Parents will be notified by the District and/or local media where to report to reunite with their child.
    • The District will only release students to parents or authorized emergency contacts listed in the student database.  Please be prepared to show valid photo identification.
    • Please keep the parent and emergency contact information for your child current.  If you would like to check on the information, please contact the school.

    Know the Codes
    AACT regularly conducts school safety drills to ensure all of our students know what to do in case of an emergency.  All staff members are trained to ensure students are safe and accounted for.

    A code yellow is a precautionary security measure put in place if an incident has taken place near campus that poses a potential risk to school safety. In the case of a code yellow, school perimeter doors will be secured, classroom doors remain locked, and only authorized personnel will be allowed on campus. A code yellow may be declared by the building administrator/department head for a few minutes, one class period, or if appropriate, the entire day. A code yellow is used only as a preventative measure and is not designed as a crisis response measure for a major incident that has occurred on site.

    A code red indicates a threat, or imminent threat, on campus. In the case of a code red, school perimeter doors will be secured, classroom doors remain locked, and only authorized personnel will be allowed on campus. This protocol is to be used for situations where an actual crisis situation has occurred.

    This protocol is to be used by the team at each school trained to respond to medical emergencies. Team members are trained in rescue breathing and CPR, and respond to any emergency situation including, but not limited to, an unconscious student or staff person.