• Webstore and Fee Information

    Breanne Jones ~ Bookkeeper
    (775) 327-3920 ext. 35505

    Webstore - Pay your fees online (5.4% transaction fee will apply)

    2021-2022 Fee Schedule ~ Updated 9/2021

    Explanation of Fees
    CTSO: Mandatory fee for all students that goes towards their Academy membership fees

    Student Activity: Mandatory fee for all students for assemblies, pep rallies, etc.
    Book Deposit: Mandatory fee for all freshman (and new students). This fee is returned if you leave the school or at graduation.

    Please note: All AACT students will pay the CTSO and Student Activity Fee twice in their 4-year tenure.

    Freshman year: CTSO fee
    Sophomore year: Student Activity fee
    Junior year: CTSO fee
    Senior year: Student Activity fee