•  Service Learning & Senior Capstone

    At AACT, we are committed to preparing our students for a successful life beyond high school. Providing focused career pathways and rigorous academics is the first step. Connecting students to the community and helping them recognize their role within that community is the second, and equally important, step. To do this, we focus on integrating classroom learning with meaningful service experiences while focusing on increasing personal leadership capacity and social responsibility throughout high school. 

    In practice, this means that each year our students are expected to participate in lessons and service projects focused on: 

    • Understanding the nature of communities and their interdependence 
    • Identifying the needs of different communities and the world
    • Working with community members to respond to identified needs 
    • Using skills and abilities to take an active role in making a difference.

    Click here for the Community Service Log.

    Service hours are tracked through academic classes as follows: 


    Academic Class

    Type of Service

    Hours per semester




    Individual Volunteerism or Community Service:

    8 hours

    3 hours/semester 1

    5 hours/semester 2



    World History

    Individual Community Service:

    8 hours

    3 hours/semester 1

    5 hours/semester 2




    Small Group Service Learning:

    20 hours

    Students will complete an approved small group project that takes on a leadership role and uses specific skills and abilities to address a need. The students will present their project to the community at the JSL/Capstone event.  

    20 hours service project throughout the year






    Capstone Service-Learning Project:

    40 hours 

    Students will complete a capstone project that takes them through the process of proposal, development, implementation, and reflection. This may be an internship/job shadow, a job, a leadership position within the school, post-secondary class connected to college/career goals not serving as a requirement for a student’s high school diploma.

    Senior Capstone Website  

    40 hours/year



    Check out the Service Learning Blog here: http://blazingthetrail.weebly.com/