Parent Club



    Dear Billinghurst Families,


    The Parent Group is looking forward to the 2023-24 school year! We are a non-profit organization serving as a bridge between students, parents, and faculty. Our number one goal is to create a positive school experience for everyone. We are committed to improving communication and supporting families and teachers the best we can. The Parent Group strives to be a place where all families feel welcome.  

     “Membership” allows us to stay in contact with you and communicate upcoming events and outcomes of meetings. Please see the membership form attached to his letter, which can also be found on the school’s web page in the “parent club” tab.

     We hold monthly meetings (this year at Peavine Taphouse 7665 Town Square Way #101, Reno, NV 89523). Meetings include updates from school personnel about events and happenings at the school, discussions of ways we can help with upcoming events (no pressure ever placed on parents attending), and most importantly, we spend time in community with our BDB family!

     In addition to supporting the school by volunteering to organize and run events, the parent group provides financial support in various capacities. Last year’s funds raised in the “no-fundraiser-fundraiser” were used for student rewards within the school, teacher requests to attend conferences to improve their practices, meals for our very own families during the holiday season, teacher appreciation efforts, materials for programs within the school (such as PE or home economics), laptop carts…and $100 for every teacher account to be used on anything needed to improve their classroom and/or teaching (such as apps for student use, books, or materials for activities).

     Middle school is a time when children seek independence yet need as much support as possible. What better way to be involved than to be in fellowship with other parents and caregivers! Whether you can make it to all meetings, one meeting, or simply follow the emails and social media posts, we hope to get to know you. We really are…all in this together.

     If you have questions, ideas, or just want to hang out with fellow families riding the waves of middle school, the parent group is an easy way to get involved.

     Please send completed membership forms to bpgbighorns@gmail.com and someone will be in touch. If you have questions, please call the school and you will be directed to someone who can answer or brainstorm with you.  


    Fabienne Hansen, Autumn Spencer, Ginny Amesbury, Susan Dickson-Hanchett and Alyssa Peterson



    2023-2024  Officers (click on name to send email)


    FABIENNE HANSEN:  President 

    AUTUMN SPENCER:  Vice President


    GINNY AMESBURY:  Secretary

    ALYSSA PETERSON:  Social Media