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    Students, make an appointment with your school counselor: Click here


    Counseling Department:  Please call or e-mail us if you have any questions or concerns.

     6th grade: Carina Gomez--  775-746-5870  ext. 40008         email Ms. Gomez   

     7th grade: Gia Torcaso--  775-746-5870  ext. 40007           email Ms. Torcaso

     8th grade:  Sandi Kihm--  775-746-5870  ext. 40006           email Mrs. Kihm



    The Billinghurst Middle School Counseling Program envisions a nurturing and inclusive learning environment where every student is empowered to achieve their full potential. We strive to cultivate a culture of resilience, empathy, and academic excellence, fostering the growth of well-rounded individuals who are prepared to navigate the challenges of today and contribute positively to the global community. Through collaboration with students, educators, families, and other community stakeholders, our counseling team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support that addresses the diverse needs of our students, ensuring they are high school-ready with the skills and confidence to thrive in our ever-changing world.



    The mission of the Billinghurst Middle School counseling program is to inspire all students to reach their utmost potential through academic, career, and social/emotional development and, in doing so, become successful, respectful, and responsible citizens in our community. All students will have equitable access to the Billinghurst Middle School counseling program, which provides developmentally appropriate activities including individual counseling and school counseling curriculum lessons. School counselors at Billinghurst Middle School advocate for a safe and inclusive school environment, as well as equal access to engaging and challenging coursework, differentiated instruction, and enriching extracurricular opportunities.