Participation - Weekly Studio Performance Points

    Participation point is an In-Studio Performance grade to encourage students to pay attention, learn instruction, and stay on task while in class. Homework is also a part of participation grade. 
    The possible points for each day will be 5pts/3-2pts/1pt/0pts.  
    Participation breakdown:
    5 pts: If a student stays on task most of the time without disruptive behavior, is productive by following instructions, and is responsible for own work/actions, he/she will receive 5pts.
    3 pts: Unexcused tardy (UMI during the 1st 5min or less) will result in 3pts. 
    2 pts: If a student wastes more than 5 minutes without being productive, doesn't put any effort into their work, doesn't follow instructions, and/or is late (UMI) to class after 5min mark, he/she will receive 2pts.  

    1pt: If a student doesn't work most of the time and/or interrupts instructional/learning time, he/she will receive 1pt. 
    0pts: If a student chooses to break a class/school rule that disrupts teaching / learning, he/she will receive 0pts. 
    *Absent students are responsible for obtaining and turning in missing assignments in two weeks after returning to class. In order to make up participation points for the absent day(s), the student will need to come in at lunch to work for at least 20 min. Otherwise, both classwork and participation points on the absent days will remain as Missing (an automatic zero) until they are made up.   
    Please know that this is an effort to protect everyone's education, to encourage participation and engagement, to exercise responsibility, and to provide an opportunity to raise student's overall grade.