Welcome to AP Art: Drawing/2D/3D/Photography



    Taking AP® helps students prepare for college and stand out in the admissions process, no matter their exam score. Completing the course and exam shows perseverance to tackle/complete college-level work.
    To achieve AP Art credit, students must sumit an AP Art portfolio to the CollegeBoard by the beginning of May and individual artworks to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in December. There will be summer assignments to provide students with the opportunity of ongoing learning experience that will help documenting the process of artmaking for AP portfolio.  The course will emphasize practice, experimentaion and revision of one's work as it develops, and throughful integration of materials, processes and ideas. Artwork should be developed by applying effective use of the elements and principles of art, problem-solving skills, and competent technical skills, based on iquiry questions. Students are expected to spend a considerable amount of time (4-6 hours/week) outside of classroom to work on completion of assignments and consistently communicate with Ms. Yeom via emails during weekends/holidays/Breaks.
    * At the beginning of the school year, students will need to complete a simple, five-minute digital activation through AP Classroom, the online portfolio registration platfom, in order to sign up for the portfolio.
    Prerequisite: A student must complete at least Art 1-2 with a successful grade before taking AP Art.
    The student is strongly encouraged to see the instructor Ms. Yeom before summer break for more information and academic success.


    AP Art options - A student will choose one of the followings:

    *Click each course to see sample portfolios posted on CollegeBoard
    • AP Drawing: Recommended to complete Drawing with a successful grade before taking AP Art
    • AP 2-D Art and Design: Recommended to complete Drawing and/or Painting with a successful grade before taking AP Art
    • AP 3-D Art and Design: Completion of Ceramics with a successful grade
    • AP Photography: Completion of Photography with a successful grade



    • AP Drawing/2D/3D lab Fee - $70.00   
    • AP Photography lab fee - $45.00
    • AP Exam Fee - $94.00 (subject to change by CollegeBoard)
    • Scholastic Art Submission fee - $7.00/each


    Class Grade 

    • All assignments (85%):
      • Individual artworks (see below)
      • Researches/Idea Sketches/Practices
      • Statements/written responses
      • Participation in class
      • Amount of work outside of class
      • Summer/Winter break assignments
      • Work ethic & Time-management
    • Final Exam (15%):
      • Scholastic Art Submission (December, fee $7.00/each art) - 1st semester
      • Final Project, Presentation, Spring clean, & Returning Supplies - 2nd semester
    • Late work without an excuse approved by Ms. Yeom = A lower letter grade
    • All missing assignments & grade corrections (student's responsibility)
      • Due one week before the end of semester


    Artwork Requirements

    • Completeness on time
    • Originality
    • Consistent high quality
    • Composition
    • Evidence of thinking
    • Level of effort/challenge
    • Use of the elements and principles of art
    • Use of positive and negative spaces
    • Technical skills
    • Level of effort & challenge
    • Progress in & out of class
    • Photographed and/or saved as digital files


    Copyright Issues

    All work must be original. The use of published image or someone else's work can be plagiarism. Copyright issues will be discussed early and the students will develop an understanding of what constitutes plagiarism and how to maintain their own artistice ethics. If a student uses someone else's work as a basis for thier own work, there should be significant alternation to the piece for it to be considered original. 


    Summer Assignments

    Summer assignments are ongoing preparation for student portfolio as a part of curriculum approved by CollegeBoard.
    1) to review/obtain the knowledge of the elements & principles of art that should be demonstrated in their work of art;
    2) to explore artistic approaches and development processes;
    3) to identify personal interest and establish inquiry questions. 
    If a student doesn’t do the summer assignments, he/she will still be requested to complete the work by the end of the 3rd week of first semester. The assignments will be graded as a part of semester grade and incomplete/late work will not receive full credit. It is the student responsibility to communicate with Ms. Yeom via emails during the summer break for any questions or concerns. 



    • Idea sketches & researches
    • Practices
    • Projects
    • Artist statements
    • Summer/Winter assignments
    • Email communications
    • Fees  


    Rules / Expectations

    • Be on time and prepared
    • Be responsible - 
      • Progress in work
      • Clean work space
      • Class materials/supplies
    • Use class time productively
    • Avoid social/phone time 
    • Communicate with Ms. Yeom


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