Welcome to AP Art: Drawing/2D/3D/Photography



    Research shows that taking AP® helps students prepare for college and stand out in the admissions process, no matter their exam score. Completing the course and exam shows perseverance to tackle/complete college-level work. In fact, even students who score a 1 or 2 on an AP Exam are more likely to attend college and graduate on time (than academically similar students who don’t take AP). In a recent survey of nearly 2,000 first-year college students, over 90% of respondents who earned an AP Exam score of 2 said they’re doing well (or very well) in college courses that cover similar content.  
    To achieve AP Art credit at SSHS, a student must submit an AP Art portfolio to the CollegeBoard before the beginning of May and individual artworks to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in December. There will be summer assignments to provide students with the opportunity of ongoing learning experience that will help the process of artmaking for their AP portfolio (AP Art exam).  The course will emphasize practice, experimentation and revision of one's work, and thoughtful integration of materials, processes and ideas, in executing ideas for visual communication. Artwork should be guided / developed by applying effective use of the elements and principles of art, problem-solving skills, and competent technical skills, based on inquiries. Students are expected to spend a considerable amount of time (4-6 hours/week) outside of the classroom to work on completion of assignments and consistently communicate with Ms. Yeom via email during weekends / holidays / Breaks.
    At the beginning of the school year, students will need to complete a simple, five-minute digital activation through AP Classroom on CollegeBoard, the online portfolio registration platform, in order to sign up for the portfolio.
    Prerequisite: A student must complete at least Art 1-2 with a successful grade before taking AP Art.
    The student is strongly encouraged to see the instructor, Ms. Yeom before summer break for more information and summer assignments.


    AP Art options - A student may choose one of the followings:

    *Click on each course to see sample portfolios posted on CollegeBoard
    • AP Drawing: Recommended to complete Drawing with a successful grade before taking AP Art
    • AP 2-D Art and Design: Recommended to complete Drawing and/or Painting with a successful grade before taking AP Art
    • AP Photography (AP 2D): Completion of Photography with a successful grade




    • AP Drawing/2D lab Fee - $70.00   
    • AP Photography lab fee - None. A student is required to have a camera / cellphone. 
    • AP Exam Fee - $97.00 (subject to change by CollegeBoard)


    Class Requirements

    • Access to Teams -  a WCSD student account required
    • Consistent Communications - In-person & Email
    • Completion of assignments on time
    • Consistent progress in & outside of class
    • Understanding of AP Art portfolio requirements/rubrics
    • Scholastic Art Submission in December
    • Fine Arts Night in May


    Class Grade 

    • All assignments (85%): Projects, processes (practice / experimention / revision), time-management & work ethics in and outside of class
    • Final Exam (15%):
    • Late work (2 wks after deadline) without an excuse approved by Ms. Yeom = A lower letter grade
    • All missing assignments & grade corrections are a student's responsibility.
      • Due one week before the end of semester 


    Copyright Issues

    All work must be original. The use of published images or someone else's work can be plagiarism. Copyright issues will be discussed early and the students will develop an understanding of what constitutes plagiarism and how to maintain their own artistic ethics. If a student uses someone else's work or a photo as a reference for their own work, there should be significant alternation to the piece for it to be considered original.