• Classroom Expectations


    Art is a studio class where students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner to acquire skills and knowledge through active participation in classroom learning.

    As student behavior greatly affects their learning, class grade, and learning environment, a student grade comes from BOTH process (work ethic following instructions & rules) and product (assignments & exams).

    In order for our classroom to be a comfortable, safe and motivated place for effective student-centered learning, students are expected to follow the rules and procedures as follows: 

    1. Be on time
    2. Turn off personal electronic device(s) before entering
    3. Keep the device(s) in the class phone pocket during the entire class
    4. Keep backpack/bag/purse under the table.
    5. Do not bring food/drinks/gum
    6. Come prepared to class
    7. Be in assigned seat until bell rings
    8. Use inside voice at all times
    9. Be respectful to others and their learning time
    10. Use supplies/facilities appropriately
    11. Be responsible for your actions and learning.
    12. Clean your area and tools after each use. 
    13. Use restroom passes wisely - 4 passes per semester
    * Any health issue must be communicated with parent's or clinic's note. 
    * No sign-out during the first and the last 10 minutes of class (SSHS Policy)
    * If a student chooses to break any of the rules, he/she will receive 0pts for that day. (See the participation points)
    Consequence will be different depending on the type/level of misbehavior. 
    Step 1: Verbal warning, Lower participation points, & IC Behavior Minor
    Step 2: Seating change and/or student conference, Lower participation points, IC Behavior Minor, & Parent contact
    Step 3: All above without verbal warnings, Behavior Referral to SRO, Parent contact
    * Any damage to someone's artwork will result in a type of penalty. 

    * Ms. Yeom is not responsible for any loss or damage.