Welcome to Drawing 1-2

    This course is designed to explore a wide range of drawing issues and approaches for students to develop their drawing skills in executing ideas/concepts. A student must be able to learn: 1) analyzing the relationship among edges and spaces, 2) describing the illusion of depth/perspective, 3) identifying a range of values in grays and colors, and 4) applying the skills to a work of art.

    Drawing issues are line quality, tonal values, rendering of form, composition, surface manipulation, and the illusion of depth and they can be addressed through a variety of means which could include not only work in traditional drawing media such as pencils, ink, and pastels, but also many kinds of painting, printmaking, digital media and other forms of expression.

    Prerequisite: A student must complete Art 1-2 with a successful grade to take Drawing.

    * A student from Foundations in Art needs a teacher's recommendation otherwise needs to take Art 1-2 before taking Drawing.
    Student Conduct
    Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner to foster a learning environment where academic success can occur. Drawing requires a lot of practices to learn drawing process and develop skills. It uses the right side of your brain. Verbal communication uses the left side of your brain. Unnecessary conversation occurring during the drawing process disrupts the natural flow of visual information from the eye through the brain to the hand. When you are drawing well, you are “zoned out” from the world around you. Because we are working in an open environment it is required that students limit their conversations to the work in progress. Please be considerate of your fellow students. The proper attitude of each participant can greatly enhance the overall learning experience for everyone. Any behavior that interrupts the teacher's ability to teach and other students' ability to learn will not be tolerated. 
    Class Requirements
    • Lab Fee ($25.00/year); The fee will used for supplies - sketchbook, drawing pencils and pens, colored pencils, pastels, and other miscellaneous tools.
    • #2 Pencils, Erasers, Ball point & ink pens
    • Reference Photos: Portrait (B/W), Animal (B/W), Landscape (Color), & Still life (Colored image of personal items)