Welcome to Drawing 1-2, Drawing 3-4, and Drawing 5-6(H)

    This course is designed to explore a wide range of drawing issues and approaches for students to develop their drawing skills in executing ideas/concepts. A student must be able to learn: 1) analyzing the relationship among edges and spaces, 2) describing the illusion of depth/perspective, 3) identifying a range of values in grays and colors, and 4) applying the skills to a work of art.

    Drawing issues are line quality, tonal values, rendering of form, composition, surface manipulation, and the illusion of depth and they can be addressed through a variety of means which could include not only work in traditional drawing media such as pencils, ink, and pastels, but also many kinds of painting, printmaking, digital media and other forms of expression.
    • Prerequisite: A student must complete Art 1-2 with a successful grade to take Drawing 1-2. 
    • Drawing 3-4 & 5-6(H): Students will be assigned to advanced assignments that are modified based on their skill levels and experience in other drawing courses.  
    Class Requirements
    • Access to Teams -  a WCSD student account required
    • Lab Fee ($25.00/year)
    • #2 Pencils & Erasers
    • Reference Photos: Portrait (B/W), Animal (B/W), Landscape (Color), & Still life (Colored image of personal items)