Welcome to Art 5-6(H) / Art 7-8 (H)



    Art 5-6 (H) / 7-8 (H) are not a prerequisite for AP Art. However, it can be a great preparation course for AP Art and all assignments will be at a highly advanced level.  The curriculum is designed to expand and utilize the knowledge of art and strengthen art-making skills and to further push students' creative potential using a variety of media. All students will be expected to develop a portfolio and artist statements, through the application of the elements / principles of art and drawing skills, the development of problem-solving skills, and the performance of technical skills, in executing ideas/visual communication. 
    *Types of art for this course: Drawing, Painting, Photography, Digital Art, Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Interior Design, Sculpture, Ceramics, Printmaking, Textile design, Fashion design, Collage, and/or Multi-media. However, there will be no limit to the types of art that students can pursue for their creativity.

    Prerequisite: A student must complete at least Art 1-2 with a successful grade before taking Art 5-6(H)/7-8 (H). Taking a drawing and/or a painting course is recommended for student success. 


    SSHS AP/Adv. Student Art Galleries


    Class Requirements

    • Access to Teams -  a WCSD student account required
    • Lab Fee ($40.00)
    • Completion of assignments on time & consistent attendance
    • Scholastic Art Submission (Due December)
    • Fine Arts Night (May)


    Class Grade

    Grade Book is usually updated on weekends.
    However, sometimes it may not show correct grades due to unexpected errors.
    In that case, please check your grades later again or contact Ms. Yeom.

    • All assignments & class participation (85%):
    • Final Exam (15%):
    • Late work (2 wks after deadline) without an excuse approved by Ms. Yeom = A lower letter grade
    • All missing assignments & grade corrections are a student's responsibility.
      • Due one week before the end of semester