Make-up Work: Class Work & Participation


    Consistent attendance is absolutely crucial to academic success in a studio class. All instructions and activities will be given throughout the class and will not be repreated in class for late/absent students.

    • Any missing assignments past due will receive " Missing", an automaic zero.
    • It is the student's responsibility to obtain make-up work as soon as returning to school and turn in within two weeks. 
    • Any make-up work turned in late after the two-week mark will receive only 60% credit.
    • Class hours should not be used for make-up work. Students may use lunch hours, but an appointment is required due to teacher's other responsibilities.
    • Both classwork and participation points on the absent days will remain as Missing (an automaic zero) until they are made up. 
    • Please note that some assignments will not be able to be made up at home or after deadline due to the nature of contents; for example, pre-/post-test, one-day studio exercise, reference, or any time-sensitive assignments. The assignment will stay as "Missing", an automatic Zero.

    Attention: Online assignments, in Canvas, must be turned in by due dates/time for full credit.