Class Grade

    Art is a studio class where students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner to foster an effective learning environment as well as to acquire skills and knowledge through active participation in classroom activities. Please understand that class grade comes from both process (work ethic: staying on task and following instructions & rules) and product (assignments & exams). Student behavior will greatly affect their learning and class grade.

    ART 1-2 (1credit/year) = Assignment(50%) + Participation/Studio Performance(35%) + Final exam(15%)
    DRAWING 1~4/5-6(H) (1credit/year) = Assignment(50%) + Participation/Studio Performance(35%) + Final exam(15%)
    ART 5-6/7-8 (H) (1credit/year) = Assignments (In-class & Homework) & Performance (85%)+ Final exam (15%)
    AP ART (1credit/year) = Assignments (In-class & Homework) & Performance (85%)+ Final exam (15%)
    LAB ASST. / PEER TUTOR = Daily Participation (100%)

    • Assignment (Class work & Homework)
    - Assignments are graded based on requirements/rubrics.
    - In general, assignment grade is affected by originality/creativity, craftsmanship, quality and effort.
    A student may not get full points for only following directions; This may result in a C or B, as mastery is needed for receiving an A.
    - If extra time needed, assignments must be turned in within two weeks in order to receive full credit, 
    - Assignments may be redone for a better grade, due the following week.
    - Any late work will receive 50% credit.
    - Some assignments (class work / online work) will not be able to be made up at home and/or after deadline due to the nature of lesson/content, which include but not limited to: pre-/post-test, exam, one-day exercise, reference, or any time-sensitive assignments. The assignment will STAY as "Missing", an automatic ZERO.
    - Missing/Incomplete assignments - See the Make-Up Policy

    * Online Work - posted on MS Teams and/or Forms
    - Digital assignment must be turned in by due date/time to receive full credit.
    - Any late work will receive 50% credit.
    - If a late-work is turned, the student must notify Ms. Yeom via email at the same time to be graded.
    - Any issues with Teams/Forms or online work should be communicated to Ms. Yeom as early as possible, not at the last minute or on the due date.
    - A photo of online assignment to turn in digitally via Teams/email should be legible in a jpeg or pdf format.

    Participation (Studio Performance - weekly points) - See the Participation for details
    - Receiving full points (5pts per day): Staying on task most of the time, following instructions & rules, being productive, and being responsible
    - Unexcused tardy and/or misbehavior will affect participation points.
    - Participation grade will be reflected on the citizenship grade.
    Final Exam: Written exam & artwork. * All class notes/worksheets will be study guide for exams.

    Extra credit: Parent Night (Fall), Scholastic Art Competition (December), and Fine Arts Night (Spring)
    - There will be NO more extra credit work, if a student had/has any late/missing assignments or discipline issues during the semester.

    Any late work and/or grade-update are due one week before the end of semester.