Cell Phone / Electronic Device Policy

    Electronic devices can distract students from working and create long-term problems. 
    Students will not be allowed to use them in class without permission.   
    • Any phones/electronic devices should be completely off before entering the classroom. 
    • Phones need to be kept in the class phone pocket OR in your backpack in the front of the roomDaily Participation/Responsibilities .
    • No one has access to the phone during class hours without teacher's permission. 
    • Any phones/electronic devices being used will be confiscated by the teacher and locked away until the end of class period, and the student will lose participation points and a privilege. 
    • If a student refuses to follow the phone policy, SRO will be involved and keep the phone in the office during the entire class period for the rest of semester. 
    • All offenses will be documented in Infinite Campus.