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  • Athletic Contacts

    •   Athletic Administrator - Jason Urmston (775) 321-3933

                    Email Link - Jason Urmston

    •   Athletic Director - Art Anderson (775) 321-3936

                    Email Link - Art Anderson

    •   Athletic Secretary - Kim Sterett  (775) 321-3945

                    Email Link -  Kim Sterett

    •   Athletic Trainer  - Carol Mass

                    Email Link - Carol Mass


  • How to become a Coach

    • Complete the Coach Applicant on Washoe County School District web site washoeschools.net
    • Careers
    • Applicant login (follow instructions)
    • Notify Kim Sterett @ 321-3945 or ksterett@washoeschools.net when you completed the application and request your HR packet.
    • Bring your CPR card & your Coaching Certificates when picking up your HR Packet.

    2019-20 – No HR Packet will be given out until SSHS has all four certifications

    1. CPR certification
    2. Fundamentals of Coaching
    3. First Aid for Coaching
    4. NFHS Concussion in Sports (every 3 year)

    Coach Education Courses

    For courses to be paid by the school, see your head coach or the school bookkeeper before taking the courses.

    How To Access NFHS course: http://nfhslearn.com/courses

    1. CPR – WCSD offers free classes. Register for classes by going to: CPR@washoeschools.net
    2. NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching
    3. NFHS First Aid for Coaches
    4. NFHS Concussion in Sports


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