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    Short-Term ELs are new to the country or have attended U.S schools for less than 6 years. Short term ELs are typically developing social and academic language in all four language domains (reading/writing/listening/speaking).


    Long-Term ELs have been in U.S. schools for 6 years or more.  Long-term ELs may be fluent in social language and/or approach oral fluency criteria in English, but typically are still developing literacy in academic English.  For many long- term ELs, English is the dominant language, and most were born in the U.S.



    Language Acquisition Goals for Short-Term ELs


    • ELD Focus:  Developing basic grammatical structures and social-instructional language
    • Proficiency growth:  PL 1 (Entering) through PL 2 (Emerging)
    • Placement:  In most cases, newcomer ELs with a composite proficiency level of 2.0 or less should be placed in Beginning/Newcomer courses.


    • ELD Focus:  Developing organization and coherence in discourse.
    • Proficiency growth:  PL 2 (Emerging) to PL 3 (Developing)
    • Placement:  In most cases, newcomer ELs with a composite proficiency level of 2.1 - 3.0 should be placed in these courses.


    • ELD Focus:  Developing academic language around the cognitive demands of content.
    • Proficiency growth:  PL 2-3 (Developing) to high PL 3 or low PL 4 (Expanding)
    • Placement:  In most cases, newcomer ELs with a composite proficiency level of 3.1 - 4.0 should be placed in these courses.

    Newcomer Program

    The WCSD Newcomer Program (Beginning EL courses, EL Cultures and Communities, and EL Literacy Skills) is typically offered only at the following high school Newcomer sites:  Hug High School, Sparks High School, Wooster High School, North Valleys High School, and Incline High School (as need demands).

    If a student qualifies for newcomer services and/or Beginning EL, they should attend the appropriate Newcomer site; contact the Department of ELD for assistance.

    *   New (2018-19) for Newcomer students:

         In consultation with the Departments of Student Accounting and Curriculum and Instruction, the Department of English Learners Administrative Procedure 6708 (revised May 2018) states that for students enrolled in EL Beginning English and EL Beginning Reading/Composition, the course instructor(s) may determine - through diagnostic procedures and conferencing - that a student’s course enrollment should be changed to either EL Fundamentals of English, EL Fundamentals of English Literacy, or both (see subsequent pages) in order for them to be able to repeat Beginning courses (rather than fail them) yet still earn elective credit for seat time spent in language development courses.


         If the student lacks fundamental literacy in his/her first language, EL Literacy Skills may be taken instead of or in addition to either EL Beginning Reading/Comp or EL Fundamentals of English Literacy.


         Prior to changing a student’s schedule, a graduation plan must be developed to establish a target graduation date, and a conference must take place with the counselor, student and parents/guardians in order to ensure that all parties understand the timeline and potential necessity for extra semesters in high school beyond the prescribed 4 years.



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