• We are Proud!

  • Here you can find the role of your students' school counselor in addition to whom that person is. 

    The following are the counselors in our building, and they can be reached by contacting the school at 775-689-2550 or on their direct line.

    Heather Stodieck is the 6th grade counselor. 775-325-8561  Book time with Stodieck Reid, Heather M  

    Zach Lewis is the 7th grade counselor. 775-325-8563 Book time with Lewis, Zach (Mark Z)  

    Yerania (Nia) Alvarez is the 8th grade counselor. 775-325-8564 Book time with Alvarez Padilla, Yerania 

    School counselors are an important part of a school. They help with scheduling, 504's, social emotional issues, behavior issues, and so much more. Please don't hesitate to reach out to your student's counselor.