Temporary Distance Learning for students on exclusion due to COVID-19

    Student Attendance: 
    Students on Temporary Distance Learning (code: HDED/HDCT) are required to check in the Channel "Daily Agenda" on Teams for the day's assignment and reply to the daily agenda with an emoji between 8:00 AM - 2:30PM (school hours) to be counted for attdence. Anyone who doesn't respond by that time will be marked "Absent" and Ms. Yeom will not be able to change/update the attendance after 2:30 PM.
    * Turning in an assignment will not be counted as "Present" for attendance.
    Live Lesson: 
    Attendance from the beginning until the end of live lesson will count for participation points. There will be no makeup opportunity to earn the participation points. 
    Live Meeting: 
    There will be live video meetings during class hours via Teams, to provide additional instructions and/or support students with assignments. 
    All attendees still need to reply the daily agenda for attendance. 
    All distance learning assignments should be turned in by due dates.
    Any late distance learning work will receive only 50% credit. 
    It is student's responsibility to follow the instruction and contact Ms. Yeom for any questions.
    How to access to Teams:  
    Other resources: