• Minimum Attendance Requirements

    • Periods 1-7: 5 or more days of absences in a semester is defined as "chronic absenteeism."  5 days of absences (in periods 1-6) in a semester represent a full 10% of instruction time lost, and chronic absenteeism is a key warning signal that a student may fall behind and drop out.

    WCSD Attendance Policy

    The WCSD Board of Trustees has an established policy requiring 90% attendance for a student to earn credit in any given course.

    The 5th absence in periods 1-7,  will result in a failing grade and LOSS OF CREDIT for the semester.  Please ensure your student does not go over this limit.

    If your student is absent, notify us as soon as possible.

    Per district policy, a written note or a phone call from a parent or guardian must be received within 3 days of your student's return to school after an absence.  This notification is required regardless of the reason for the absence (including medical reasons).  Calls/notes received after 3 days of your student's return will still be considered an unexcused absence.

    To notify us about absences we can be reached at 775-851-5630 - option 1.  You can also email us at galenahsattendance@washoeschools.net.

    Absences Considered Unexcused:

    • Any absence that is not verified by the parent/guardian within the three days after the student returns to school counts against the 90% attendance policy.

    • Any "DOMESTIC" absence counts against the 90% attendance policy.  Examples of DOMESTIC absences include:
      • Staying home to care for siblings
      • Transportation issues
      • Didn't feel like coming to school
      • Slept in/missed the alarm

    Absences Considered Excused:

    • "MEDICAL" absences do not count against the 90% attendance policy.  Galena High School has the right to request a parent/guardian conference, or medical documentation if medical absences become excessive and if there is no documentation of a health concern provided by a medical professional.  It is extremely important that parents/guardians provide a note from a medical professional if available and always notify the school of absence due to medical reasons.

    Tardies and Truancies


    • The first four tardies in a semester are "free" tardies.  No consequences will be assigned.
    • The fifth tardy requires the attendance office to assign a reflection activity during lunch.
    • The sixth tardy will receive 2 reflection activities.
    • The seventh tardy will receive one hour of school beautification to be completed after school.  The discipline office may also hold a parent conference.
    • The eighth tardy received 2 hours of school beautification to be completed afterschool
    • The ninth tardy and beyond will result in suspension.

    Truancy - Full Day

    First Offense

    • The parent notified and a letter is sent home.
    • The student must complete two reflection activities.

    Second Offense

    • The parent notified and a letter is sent home.
    • Student must complete four reflection activities.
    • A student warned of the third consequence.

    Third Offense

    • The parent notified and a letter is sent home.  At this point, students may be cited by law enforcement.
    • The student must complete 2 hours of school beautification or instructional recovery afterschool.


    Call us at 775-851-5630 - option 1 - or contact us at galenahsattendance@washoeschools.net.  For more information on WCSD's attendance policy click here.

    "When students improve their attendance rates, they improve their academic prospects and chances for graduating." - Attendance Works