• Galena STEM and General Variances


    Galena STEM Signature Academy Program:

    If you are interested in Galena’s distinguished STEM program, the WCSD online registration window is now open.  During the online registration process, families will be able to select a school and a program that they’d like to attend.  Students who are not zoned for Galena will have the opportunity to fill out a variance form as part of the online registration. 

    If you are a student who is zoned for Galena and interested in the STEM program, please fill out the online form: Register for the Galena STEM Program for Galena-zoned students 

    Galena Variance:

     If you’re interested in a variance to attend Galena for the 2024-2025 school year, students must fill out the WCSD online registration where they will select Galena.  Dates for online registration are open from March 1st - March 15th.  The online registration links for both current WCSD students and students new to WCSD are available here.

    Outdoor Academy:

    If you're interested in the Galena Outdoor Academy scheduled to open in Fall of 2024, please fill out the Outdoor Academy Interest Sign-Up Form