• Dear Parents:                                                                                    August 17&18, 2020


    Your daughter/son is on an outstanding, high achieving academic team.  Your child’s teachers are Mr. Rowe for Language Arts, Mr. Lane for Social Studies, Mr. Gardner for Math and Mr. Lee for Science. Additionally, our extended team consists of Mrs. Yanez for Math Resource, Mrs. Orolfo for ELA Resource, and Mrs. Harrell our team’s Counselor.  We are all anticipating another highly successful educational year and are looking forward to a very memorable experience.  We hope that this overview will answer most of your general concerns/questions. When students are learning from home make sure to take your daily attendance by accessing the attendance link on the Mendive website!!





    Academic instruction this school year is a fluid motion to fit the learning needs of all students while keeping safety as our priority. Students will be receiving academic instruction with their teacher every other day, which leaves students responsible for the continuation of their academic learning when they are at home. Students are responsible for completing academic assignments at home and coming to class with materials and work completed. If students require assistance from their teacher it is their responsibility to contact that teacher through email, Teams, or phone during school hours to get the necessary feedback. Please refer to the COVID-19 Daily Self-Screening Tool prior to the start of every day before leaving home for school.



    Per Mendive policy cell phones will be confiscated if visible.  Please read this policy in your student’s agenda book and discuss this with your child.  There will be exceptions, but only for academic purposes. 




    In order to provide consistent learning and practice, all assignments are due on the designated due date. The LATEST any assignment can be turned in is ONE WEEK before the end of the quarter.  Without advance notice, special projects/activities may not be accepted late as deemed by the instructor.  ABSENCES are aligned with the WCSD policy. Students are welcome to attend our Homework Club for additional support or a quiet place to work. There is a balance of assignments between Classwork and Digital Learning; work that’s completed at home is balanced in the gradebook meaning the work is just as important and holds value as work that we’re completing in class.



    As a parent, your daughter/son’s agenda book is your first step of communication as well as the quickest method of knowing exactly what is happening in ALL of your child’s classes. Please review the agenda book weekly, if not on a nightly basis. Class agendas will be posted on our Mendive Team Artemis website (www.washoeschools.net/artemis) , please refer to this for information on assignments for both in-person and at-home instruction. It is an extremely important tool not only to keep parents informed on class activities and due dates, but to teach students to be more organized. Please review frequently, so that we can both monitor students better.



    To follow the health guidelines proposed by the district, students will use the bathroom during instructional time and not during passing periods. This new procedure is to follow the guidelines of monitoring how many students are in a given space and to practice social distancing. If a student needs to use the restroom they will need to have their agenda for permission/teacher signature if appropriate. We also are asking students to bring water bottles to school as we are having to close the water fountains for health and safety purposes.



    Students will be required to carry all of their personal belongings with them to each class, along with lunch. Due to limited capacity of the number of students/staff allowed in the lunchroom at a time, students are asked to bring a cold lunch from home if possible due to lunches being scheduled for 30 minutes. Supplies and personal belongings will be required to stay with student either in their backpack or their binders; supplies that are left behind will be discarded at the end of the day due to cleaning and safety procedures.



    1. To be respectful of the rights of other students and toward all staff members and guests at Mendive, especially substitute teachers.

    2. Follow Mendive M.A.G.I.C behavior matrix, refer to agenda book

    3. To be in class and prepared with all appropriate materials—books, pencil, notebook, assignments, with a cheerful disposition and appropriate academic attitude.

    4. To follow all school rules (in the agenda book), candy or food except during lunch.


    We hope this letter has answered many of your concerns.  Again, WELCOME TO MENDIVE, and we are looking forward to another great year. Go Team Artemis!



    Mr. Lee     kenlee@washoeschools.net

    Mr. Gardner    rgardner@washoeschools.net 

    Mr. Lane    alane@washoeschools.net 

    Mr. Rowe         browe@washoeschools.net