• Hello, and welcome to 8th Grade English with Mr. Rowe! I love everything to do with writing, reading, and storytelling, and I can’t wait to get this year rolling and see the growth you all will make. I hold master’s degrees in English and Creative Writing, and I have written many novels and short stories. A few more fun facts about me: I wrote and directed movies in high school and college, I’m a big believer in eating pumpkin foods year-round, and I enjoy going for runs with my two goldendoodles, Bentley and Charlie!


    In my class you will be doing lots of reading analysis, grammar lessons, critical thinking activities, vocabulary building, and, of course, writing! We will build a community of learning where all participants can safely try new things with the positive support of teachers and peers. We are here to help each and every one of you succeed because we are a community of learners.


    If at any point you feel overwhelmed, nervous, or even scared… please don’t! I have never met a student who wanted to succeed in my class that wasn’t able to with some effort on their part. Success comes in many forms. I am here to help you, and I love what I do. This will be an exciting and fun year with lots of opportunities to showcase your skills and talents!


    ROOM NUMBER: 518



    Schedule — Monday, October 19 to Friday, October 23


    Mon Oct 19 (B): Grammar Lesson #6: Simple, Compound & Complex Sentences, Fragments & Run-Ons / Objective Summary / Sacred Writing #1


    DL Mon Oct 19 (A) / Tues Oct 20 (B): Grammar #6 Form Assignment


    Tues Oct 20 (A) / Wed Oct 21 (A): Grammar Lesson #7: You're/Your & They're/Their/There & Affect/Effect / Watch The Lottery Film / Writing Journal #1


    DL Wed Oct 21 (A) / Thurs Oct 22 (B): Grammar #7 Form Assignment


    Thurs Oct 22 (A) / Fri Oct 23 (B): Introduce Quarter-Long Book Project / Description / Short Story #2 / Introduce the Tell-Tale Heart


    DL Fri Oct 23 (A) / Mon Oct 26 (B): Read The Tell-Tale Heart and do the Form Assignment