Incline High School is developing our “Learning Through Interest/Internship Program” (LTI) as an important component of our students’ education. Learning opportunities are everywhere, not just inside the classroom.

    Community internships/LTIs provide a key way for students to explore their interests and passions. These opportunities reignite students’ dedication to learning by making their coursework more relevant.


    Internships/LTIs can take many forms. These activities are structured opportunities for students to interact with mentors (employers or community partners) either at school, at a worksite, or virtually, using technology to link students and mentors in different locations. Many professions (psychologist, surgeon, or pilot) aren’t always suited to direct student involvement. LTIs  are flexible. Anything from interest exploration to informational interviews to shadow days to more traditional, in-office/site based internships can work. While internships are a goal of this process, students may elect to focus on any stage of this continuum based on their individual interests and learning plan.

    Thank you to the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation for their generous grant to support personalized learning!



    Benefits of LTI Program


    Benefits to students: 

    • Build relationships with adult role models in the work or professional world, other than families, friends, and teachers. 

    • Undertake real-world responsibilities guided by professionals  

    • Promote parents/families to engage with students in career exploration and planning. 

    • Get a “foot in the door” for possible future part-time, summer, or eventual full-time jobs. 

    • Expand personal and career opportunities, explore those of interest, and start preparing for them. 

    • Strengthen college and career applications

    • Recognize the relevance of education to career success and increase engagement with  academic learning 


    Benefits to schools:

    • Build relationships with the community. 

    • Make classroom learning more relevant. 

    • Enable students to share their interests & experiences with peers, teachers, and families

    • Provide staff development opportunities. 

    • Increase staff understanding of the workplaces for which they are preparing students. 

    • Expand curricula by using workplaces as learning environments. 


    Benefits to mentors/community members: 

    • Have a positive impact on the lives of young people..

    • Be a role model and educator to a student who is passionate about your field of work. 

    • Benefit from contributions of student work and new perspectives and solutions to your organization 

    • Learn about the knowledge and skills of today’s students and tomorrow’s employees. 

    • Contribute to community development 

    • Make contacts with potential candidates for part-time, summer, or eventual full-time jobs. 

  • How to Land an Internship

    How to Land an Internship

    Follow these steps to work towards nabbing an Internship
    1. Uncover your Interests
    2. Complete an Informational Interview
    3. Have a Shadow Day
    4. Request an Internship

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