• We get regular visits from TMCC for application and financial aid help.  If you have questions, you are welcome to come to the Cube or contact our TMCC representative,  Jennifer Zarco -

    Freshman Information:


    Financial Aid: Washoe County District High Schools will be sponsoring FAFSA Parent Nights - Fall 2022 - A TMCC Rep will be attending these Events at all schools. See Financial Aid Tab  or

    If you have any questions or concerns about FAFSA, please contact TMCC's Financial Aid Office.  They will be able to answer questions over the phone or you can set up an appointment to meet with a Financial Aid Rep.


    Scholarship Opportunities:

    Nevada Promise Scholarship:
    The Nevada Promise Scholarship is targeted at all graduating high school seniors, regardless of income or academic performance.  This is a last-dollar Scholarship, providing up to three years of coverage. For more information about this program:

    TMCC Scholarships:  Using scholarships to pay for college expenses is a great way to reduce student loan debt.  TMCC has several different scholarships that students can apply too.  TMCC will start their scholarship applications on January 1 and the priority deadline is March 1st.


    TMCC Special Programs:

    Summer Bridge / Success First: This is a first-year college program designed to help first-time college students achieve academic and personal success. This program is a 6-week Summer Program (End of June thru First of August). Program Benefits: income-qualifieid students will earn an $800 award ($400 in the Fall / $400 in the Spring) for successful completion of program requirements.  Free college classes, books, tutors and lunch during Summer Bridge.  Assigned a Success Coach during the first year at TMCC to review progress and gain support.  Prioprity registration during the first academic year.  For more information and application to apply:

    Jump Start (Dual Credit) Program:  This program is an opportunity to earn college and high school credit at the same time. Check with your high school counselor to see if a TMCC class will go towards your high school graduation or elective requirement.