The 2024 Convocation Awards Night is held yearly to recognize our RHS Seniors who have been awarded a scholarship(s).  Scholarships can be awarded from Reno High School, local, state, national, college / trade school or athletic. 

    There are two different ways that an invitation will be given:

    1.  Receiving a Scholarship through RHS: The Reno High General has 60+ different scholarships within one application process.  We had a tremendous turn-out this year with 159 students applying for the General.  It ia always a very difficult decision for our Scholarship Committee with so many applicants and only 60 spots.  We will begin to notify students on March 14th.  However, this process will be ongoing since most of our in-house donor scholarships will not have decisions to us until April.  Therefore, there is a potential that some scholarship packets will not be given until early May.  We will keep you notified of scholarships that are still outstanding.

    2.  Scholarship Notification Form:  The Scholarship Notification form is a self-reporting scholarship form for any Senior who has accepted any outside scholarship (local, state, national) or a scholarship from the college they will be attending in the fall. The only scholarships that are excluded from this form is FAFSA , NV Promise Scholarship or the Millennium Scholarship.   Seniors must complete the Scholarship Notification Form and show proof of their Scholarships before an invitation is given. The deadline is April 22nd to turn in the form. Click here for more information on our Scholarship Notification Form  

    We will begin mailing invitations starting after March 14th and will continue until all RHS General and In-House scholarships have been awarded.  Invitations based on the Scholarship Notification Form will start in March as well and run through at least April 22nd (which is the deadline for the form to be completed ).  Any senior who receives one of our RHS Scholarships will be required to attend this event. Our RHS Donors for our scholarships attend this event and present their scholarships to the winner.

    This is a semi-formal event. Please dress appropriately.

    Tasha Palzkill, the College and Career Facilitator, will be going to all Government and Econ classes starting March 1st to discuss the Convocation / Scholarship Notification form.  Please feel free to stop by the Cube with your questions or email at tasha.palzkill@washoeschools.net

    updated: 3/11/24