HuskieReno High School In-House Student Scholarships - for RHS students ONLY


    Please review each scholarship for complete eligibility requirements. You MUST be a Reno High Senior to apply.  If you need a computer to apply for any of our In-House Scholarships, please feel free to stop by the cube.:

    • RHS General - ALL RHS SENIORS CAN APPLY / one application for a chance at 60 different scholarships / no essay requirement  / Deadline: January 19, 2024


    • Morby Foreign Language Scholarship - Looking for seniors who will be making foreign languages an integral part of their lives /Requirements: Application, Essay, Resume (see application for more inforamtion) /  Deadline: January 22, 2024


    • Morby Fine Arts Scholarship - Looking for seniors who will be making fine arts an integral part of their lives / Requirements: Application, Essay, Resume, 3 pieces of artwork in a digital format (see application for more information) / Deadline: January 22, 2024


    • The Matt Bartlett Memorial Scholarship - ANY RHS Senior can apply for this scholarship / Requirements: Application, Transcripts, Parts I, II, III (Part 3 is optional, but encourage you to complete that section as well) .The application is now on the Community Foundation's website. You DO NOT take the Eligibility Quiz. / Deadline: January 26,2024
      • Click for the link 
      • Create an account
      • On the "Apply Page", enter RHS into the "Enter Access Code" Box
      • Once you start the application process, you can stop and go back in and pick up where you left off at any time.
      • You will receive a confirmation email from the Community Foundation once you have successfully submitted the application.
      • If you have questions or problems with this application process, please contact Michelle Duggan, mduggan@nevadafund.org



    • Brian Laviolette Foundation / James Cathey ScholarshipLooking for Seniors who are planning on going into the military, public safety, or community service (educators, nursing, fire fighters, police, etc) / Requirements: Application / Essay / References (not required but no more than two) - everything is done within the application.  You MUST select James Cathey from the list of scholarships / Deadline: March 30, 2024