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    Lerude Consulting is a business for students who need guidance and resources re: applying to college. Applying to selective schools is her specialty.

    Here’s an overview of how it works: She is consulting with a limited number of students in a private (Zoom) capacity.

    She’s been devoting her time to keeping abreast of the crazy state of Higher Ed and the implications for our seniors applying to college.

    Her small practice consists of the following: - Free 30-minute Zoom consultation assessing needs (and if she’s the appropriate person to fill those) - Follow up with a personalized recommendation on how she could be of assistance (balanced college list, essay assistance, scholarship assistance, etc…) plus cost to help, or, referral to another consultant who may be a better fit (don’t know of anyone local that she could refer but have a few virtual recommendations).

    Every student/family is different so no one model fits all. Her goal is to work with students who are motivated and willing to put the work in and help them in an AFFORDABLE way: Affordable student driven assistance.

    Any students/parents who have a need may visit her webiste at https://www.lerudeconsulting.org/ and/or email her at lerudeconsulting@gmail.com.


    Toa Lohe, Stanford University, Class of 2016, of Stanford Thinker. Stanford Thinker is a long-term focus educational consulting firm composing high-quality college preparatory services for high school students planning to attend top 30 US universities. The firm offers application evaluation, test preparation, extracurricular coaching, career discovery, and essay editing. Clients embark on a journey of introspection to develop their academics, individuality, and writing.

    Toa Lohe says, “I'd like to give back to the local Reno community and help students with their college applications. A friend said that student-to-college counselor ratios in Reno are approaching 500-to-1. Also, the impact of COVID-19 has made it harder for high school students to strategize and stand out in the college admissions process. I graduated from Kaiser High School in Hawaii but reside in Reno, Nevada. I offer high-quality college preparatory services for students interested in attending US universities. My service covers application evaluation, test preparation, extracurricular coaching, career discovery, and essay editing. Also, I have helped plenty of students from adverse economic backgrounds plan out their high school careers with 60-minute consultations”.

    Website is https://stanfordthinker.org/ and contact details tlohe@alumni.stanford.edu

    Click here for a brief intro: Stanford Thinker A Brief Intro