• word art netiquette


    We ask that if a student will miss school, that they email their teachers to ask for make-up work.

    It's fine to send the email to all their teachers in one email, but please read the following before emailing your teacher:  

    Students, before you email a teacher… 

    ...understand that you are not texting your buddy. Here are some tips to prevent you from making a bad impression: 


    1) Always begin with a polite, standard greeting (Dear/Greetings/Hello, etc.) NOT Hey/Wazzup/Yo, etc. (Or even worse, no greeting at all.) 

    2) Always end with a thank you and your full name, especially if your email address does not communicate your name. 

    3) Consider getting a reasonably grown-up email address (jane.student@gmail.com rather than princesspoopypants@partyhardy.com). 

    4) Do not use the subject line to type your message. Use it to type your...subject. 

    5) Never paste an assignment into the body of an email. Always attach it. Make sure the file has a name. 

    6) Do not share documents. ATTACH them: only .docs, Google docs, or PDF's. 


    And AFTER you email a teacher...it is your responsibility to check for a reply. Note: It is not a bother to ask a teacher to let you know if he/she received your email.