• Pine GT Policies

    Welcome to the Pine GT Magnet Program! We are thrilled to have you has part of our learning community. Below is a list of policies to help your student have the most successful year possible.



    One of the goals of the GATE program is to prepare students to be independent learners equipped to meet 21st century demands. To reach this goal, these are our expectations:


    • Students will use their planner (see next entry)
    • Students will be active participants in group projects
    • Students will make ethical use of technology to collaborate with peers
    • Students will be present in class (virtual or in-person) and turn in assignments on time



    This year’s planner is extremely student-friendly. Students will be required to use it in every class. Use will be explained the first week of school. Students are expected to be seated in class with planners (and other required materials) on time to earn full Work Ethic credit for each class.



    On average, students should have 60-90 minutes of homework per night. This time will include both short and long term projects. Students need to manage/budget their time and not procrastinate. We find that students who claim to have drastic amounts of homework due at the same time put off projects (often several) until the last minute.


    Absence Policy (See District policy for Covid-related attendance/exclusion information)

    We have found that repeated absences cause significant stress on GT students. If your student is ill, please contact the Pine office (775-689-2550). If possible students should email their teachers in the morning to collect assignments (after reviewing emailing tips on the website first). We will do our best to reply ASAP. Please refer to the school vacation calendar when scheduling family trips. Our team follows the WCSD absence policy regarding make-up work.


    Late Work Policy

    The GATE program believes that all assigned work is meaningful, and it is expected that students turn in work on time. We recognize that there are extenuating circumstances at times and invite you to communicate with us promptly in such cases. Late work is accepted until the end of units and/or semesters, depending on the course.


    One day late = 80% (maximum grade)     Beyond one day late = 75 % (maximum grade)


    Work Improvement Policy

    The number of possible improvement opportunities per individual assessment/project in a given quarter will depend on each teacher. The highest possible grade on a “redo” is 75%. If a student feels they would like to improve their grade, the steps are as follows:


    1. Meet with your teacher at an appropriate opportunity.
    2. Set up a grade improvement plan.
    3. Complete the improvement plan within the time agreed upon.
    4. Complete all improvement plans no later than a week before the end of the grading period in which the assessment or project occurred.


    Extra Credit

    Per individual teacher.



    Academic Integrity Policy


    Academic Integrity can be defined by honest academic work where:


    1. The ideas and the writing of others are properly cited;
           2.  Students submit their own work for tests and assignments without unauthorized assistance;
           3.  Students do not provide unauthorized assistance to others; and
           4.  Students report their research or accomplishments accurately.

    (adapted from Langley High School Honor Policy, McLean, VA)


    What is academic dishonesty? Examples include, but are not limited to: 


    1. Students copying work from a peer or allowing peer to copy their work
           2.  Students turning in someone else’s work as their own (plagiarism)
           3.  Students turning in work for one class that they did for another
           4.  Cheating on tests


    Consequences of lapses in academic integrity may include (depending on the severity of the infraction and the violator’s record of academic integrity):


    1.  No credit for the assignment
    2.  Referral to the office
    3.  Notification of parent/guardian
    4.  Loss of Behavior and Work Ethic points
    5.  Record of incident in Infinite Campus


    Parent Contact Protocol
    We are eager to work with you whenever possible to ensure the success of your PGT student. If you’d like to arrange to speak with us, the best method is to prearrange a meeting. Popping in at the end of the school day often causes scheduling problems. For course specific questions, email teacher directly. We will do our best to reply within twenty-four hours.

    For PGT general team questions: Email Team Lead, David Slater (dslater@washoeschools.net)


    For GATE magnet questions/concerns: Email Magnet Coordinator, Sean Johnson (sejohnson@washoeschools.net)


    For GATE program questions/concerns: Email GATE Director, Vicky Westfall (victoria.westfall@washoeschools.net)


    For Site-based scheduling/counseling issues: Call Pine office to be directed to counselor assigned to your child.


    For GT-based counseling issues: Email Magnet Coordinator, Sean Johnson (sejohnson@washoeschools.net) for referral.


    For Pine site administrative protocol questions: Email Pine Secretary, Anita Bader (abader@washoeschools.net).


    For Pine site administrative questions: Email Vice Principal (gknecht@washoeschools.net) or Principal, Josh Reddig (email TBA).



    PGT Team Members:


    David Slater - (dslater@washoeschools.net)

    Kristen Harris - (keharris@washoeschools.net)

    Stephanie McMurtry - (semcmurtry@washoeschools.net)

    Nathan Cadwell (ncadwell@washoeschools.net)

    Kathleen Marshall - (kmarshall@washoeschools.net)


    Bell Schedule

    See the Pine’s website for daily schedules: http://www.washoeschools.net/pine


    MTSS Process

    One of the goals of the GATE program is to assure that students receive the appropriate level of service.  The MTSS process (Multi-tiered Systems of Support) allows us to identify academic and behavioral needs and implement supports to help students be successful. The GATE program has several levels of service. If supports are not sufficient to help students be academically successful, a change in level of service may be recommended.


    Behavior/Communication Plan

    The PGT Behavior/Communication plan makes excellent use of IC’s current Behavior Scoring system. It provides valuable, transparent feedback to both students and parents about any behavior issues that may be hindering a student’s performance in the classroom. Every Monday, students will receive 4 automatic points for the upcoming week’s Behavior grade in IC. Thus, in four core classes, students begin each week with 16 total Behavior points.


    Progressive Behavior Plan




    Any day a student loses a Behavior point, the score will be reduced by 1 and an explanation will be added into IC. If a more significant incident occurs (or the same problem behaviors persist in the same period a point was deducted), the note “minor” or “major” would be added, which indicates that a referral to the Assistant Principal was made (who would contact home in such a case).


    Example from Social Studies

    Here you see the week’s score. Going forward, dates will reflect Mondays.





    Each Friday, parents/guardians of students earning 13 or less points will receive an email from Mr. Slater alerting them to this fact and inviting them to view the reasons in IC. Note: Elective teachers email as needed as they are not part of this plan. Of course we invite all parents to check IC periodically to see whether there are any Behavior notes of concern.




    If a student receives 13 or less points for a second week in a semester, parents/guardians will be invited to a meeting with teachers/counselor to discuss the problem and create a plan of assistance. All parties will be informed about Step Four.





    Step Four would be initiated after the third week a student earns 13 or less Behavior Points. At such time, and after all future weeks during the semester 13 or less Behavior Points are earned, a Behavior Major will be submitted to the Pine Dean (to be handled according to the WCSD Discipline Plan). Whether this process continues into the following semester will be up to the discretion of the teaching team, counselor, and Gate administration.


    *We expect that most of our students will have no problems with this plan.

    Students with exceptional Behavior scores can look forward to winning a chance to enter a raffle at the end of each Quarter!