Dear Parents/Guardians,  

    The PGT team would like to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year. We are expecting this to be our best year yet! Below is Orientation Day info, brief team introductions, and this year’s Student Supply List. Along with this letter, you should also have received the 2018-2019 PGT Team Policies. 


    Pine Middle School Orientation Days 

    July 30 for 6th & 8th grade from 9am – 2pm 

    July 31 for 7th grade from 9am – 2pm. 


    At the office, students can pick up schedules, get pictures taken for ID cards, pay fees, and get locker information. Please note that attendance on these days is not required. You may stop by the office after July 27th (during summer business hours) to take care of the same needs. Check the Pine website (www.washoecountyschools.org/pine) for general information, including office hoursSome of the GT teachers mayl be available in their classrooms on these days. Feel free to stop in and say hi! 


    Email list 

    If you know any PGT community members who did not receive this letter, please have them email Mr. Slater (dslater@washoeschools.net) so we can get them on the mailing list. 


    PGT Team (team website)www.tinyurl.com/pineGATE 

    David Slater (dslater@washoeschools.net): I am returning for my eight year teaching ELA at Pine after more than fifteen years teaching middle and high school in Portland, Oregon. These past five years have been among the most rewarding of my career, and I’m eager to get started again! For details on my 7th & 8th grade ELA classes, see www.tinyurl.com/pgtELA. 

    Laura Dale (ldale@washoeschools.net): This will be my ninth year in the GT program. I will be teaching 7th grade Physical Science and 8th grade Honors Biology. My classes are student centered, hands-on and lab-based. My teaching philosophy is “Students learn science by doing science.” 

    Kristen Harris (keharris@washoeschools.net): I am thrilled to begin my eighth year in the Pine GT program! This year I’ll be teaching 8th grade Social Studies, which will cover U.S. History from about 1860-1950. I will also teach an 8th grade Current Events elective. I look forward to meeting my students, and sharing my love of history and current events with them.  

    Kathleen Marshall (kmarshall@washoeschools.net) I am delighted to be returning for my sixth year with the Pine GT program and my sixteenth year in Washoe County. This year, I’m excited to be teaching 6thgrade Science, World History, English, Math and Art. In my classes, we take a BIG cross-curricular look  at the world and the history of human ideas. What I Love about teaching all 6th grade core classes is the opportunity to make connections to the big picture of life. It’s a joy and a privilege to be a part of the GT community at Pine. For more details about me and my classes, and a specific supplies list for GT 6th grade, see https://www.washoeschools.net/Page/7001.   

    Mark Romo (mromo@washoeschools.net):  Aloha - I am thrilled to be teaching GT 7th grade US History. I aspire to make students into Retronauts — sailors/explorers of the past. Learning about history makes better students, more informed citizens, and better human beings. I’m also teaching two sections of Makerspace. Makerspaces, sometimes also referred to as hackerspaces, hackspaces, and fablabs are creative, DIY spaces where people can gather to create, invent, and learn.   

    Rachel Burke(rburke@washoeschools.net): I am very excited to be returning for my third year with the GT team at Pine. My background is in Civil Engineering, and I look forward to bringing my love of problem-solving, experiments, and a hands-on approach to the 8thgrade Integrated II Math and Advanced Algebra 2 courses this year. For more information, please visit my website, which is constantly under construction,http://washoeschools.net/rburke. 


    PGT School Supply List 

    Please refer to the Pine website for uniform information. 

    Student Supplies  (required and requested for donation) 


    ____ 2 inch 3-ring binder with 6 dividers (combined for math and science)  


    ____ Pack of college-ruled paper  

    ____ 1 package of hole-punched graph paper  

    ____ protractor & compass  

    ____ 4 composition books (3 college-ruled; 1 graph/college-ruled. Different colors for each class is                      

              highly recommended)  

    ____ box of standard pencils/pens (if mechanical pencils, lead needed)  

    ____ handheld pencil sharpener (pouch recommended)  


    ____ 2 GB or larger USB flash/jump drive on a lanyard for saving personal work (MUST label)  

    ____ highlighter 

    ____ erasers (any standard kind)  

    ____ Crayola markers  

    ____ box of colored pencils  

    ____ White-out  

    ____ Earbuds  

    ____ *For Mrs. Marshall’s Art Class: One 8 x 10, or 9 ½ x 11 sketchbook. Any brand or binding is fine. 

    ____ *For Ms. Dale’s 8th grade Science: 1 empty 2-liter clear soda bottle (by 8/10) 




    We will be raising money this year for the following. If you’d like to donate, checks can be written to PGT Fundraising. 

    1. Printer Ink (we’re lucky to have printers in most rooms, but the ink depletes our budget) 
    1. ELA book publishing project ($1000 needed) 


    Items requested for donation  

    (Drop off in any GT room on orientation day or first day/week of school) 

    *Most needed 


    ____ *If not already sent in: 50$ donation to GATE office. 

    ____ *Scotch tape (we find cheapest type does not work) 

    ____ *Crayola markers  

    ____ *tissues  

    ____  Black Sharpies (wide and thin)  


    ____  Sticky note pads  

    ____ box of colored pencils  

    ____ box of standard pencils/pens 

    ____ duct tape  


    Please see the Classroom Wish List* page on the team website to see  

    specific requests from individual teachers if you are interested.