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    Dear Students and Parents,



    Here are some reminders for the current year:


    1.  All students should have an agenda.  This agenda should be filled out daily in each class and taken home daily and to all classes.  


    2.  Use Infinite Campus: Infinite Campus is updated weekly by all core teachers and is a record of work in class. Infinite Campus can be used as an app on a smartphone or with direct log-in from the Washoe County website:  www.washoeschools.net.  If you do not have access to Infinite Campus, and/or need help with troubleshooting, please contact our team counselor, Ms.Harrell, located in the office or via email at tharrell@washoeschools.net.


    3. Remember, Hybrid Students will be either A track or a B track. In Class Assignments (black) should be completed in class, and Distance Learning Assignments (red) should be completed at home.


    4) Final date for late/missing assignments is October 2nd


    Your Team Teachers (Mr. Lee, Mr. Lane, Mr. Gardner, and Mr. Rowe)


    **Make sure to do your attendance every day that you are at home Distance Learning.


    Link to attendance:        www.washoeschools.net/mendive


    Here is a tutorial of how to take attendance:      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djKcX5T7hpc&t=15s


    » » Link to Microsoft Teams



    Weekly Schedule (Oct 19 - Oct 23): 

    Monday - B 1-6

    Tuesday - A 1-6

    Wednesday - B 1-6

    Thursday - A 1-6

    Friday - NEVADA DAY



    English/Language Arts - Mr. Rowe:

    DL Fri Oct 23 (A) / Mon Oct 26 (B): Read The Tell-Tale Heart and do the Form Assignment

    Mon Oct 26 (A) / Tues Oct 27 (B): Sacred Writing #2 / Reliable & Unreliable Narrators / Introduce Major Short Story Assignment

    DL Tues Oct 27 (A) / Wed Oct 28 (B): Start Writing Short Story

    Wed Oct 28 (A) / Thurs Oct 29 (B): Portrait of Dorian Gray Handout

    DL Thurs Oct 29 (A) / Mon Nov 2 (B): Continue Writing Short Story



    History - Mr. Lane: 


    Mon 10/26 (A)/Tues (B): Counselor Talk

    DLE#16 in TEAMS


    Wed(A)/ Thurs (B): Electoral College

    DLE #17 - Electoral College Map - PAPER


    Fri : Off Nevada Day




    Science- Mr. Lee:  

    Monday (A) - Punnett Square Practice

    DL - Punnett Square Practice

    Tues (B) / Wed (A) - Genetic Monster Project

     DL - Study for Quiz / Continue to work on Monster Project

    Thurs (B) - Quiz





    Math 8- Mr. Gardner: 

    Mon 10/26 (A)/Tues (B): Module 3-4 Practice Test

    Mon/Tues DL Notecard assignment in Teams


    Wed(A)/ Thurs (B): Module 3-4 Test

    Wed/Thurs DL Workbook pages 93-94 turn into class Mon/Tuesday


    Fri : Off Nevada Day





    Algebra- Mr. Gardner: 

    Mon 10/26 (A)/Tues (B): Topic 3 Test

    Mon/Tues DL NearPod Lesson 4.1


    Wed(A)/ Thurs (B): Systems by Graphing

    Wed/Thurs DL NearPod lesson 4.2


    Fri : Off Nevada Day



    Team Packet

    What should your agenda look like?