• Elementary/Middle School Students: (Please email Ms. Baum if you have questions for Grades K-8)  

    • Curriculum: Students take courses on the Connexus/Pearson platform.
    • G.A.T.E: We offer accelerated courses in ELA, Math and Science for grades 3-8.  
    • K-8 Students are required to take a minimum of 5 courses. To see the breakdown please click on the appropriate grade level link in gray. 
    • NO course selection sheets for K-8 students. Please visit the K-5 or the Middle School page for more information.  

    High School students: (Please email Mrs. McLaughlin regarding HS students if you need more information)  

    • Curriculum: Students take courses on the Edgenuity platform (exception of 2 courses on Canvas)
    • Please use the High School Plan of Study & the Graduation Requirements & Diploma links below to help you choose courses and make your academic plan.
    • Grades 9-11 are required to take 6 Courses, Seniors can take less than 6 if they meet certain requirements.* 



    **If you intend to return to your zone school, your parent must contact the zone school ASAP to enroll.***  

  • North Star students can take up to 2 courses at their zone school. You cannot take a course at your zone school that is offered at North Star.

    The zone school makes the final determination if they have availability. Please contact the zone school to check availability and register con-currently.



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  • High School Course Selection


    Need to know:


    *****If you do not submit a course selection form your courses will be chosen for you and you will not be able to make changes.******


    ******You must choose 6 electives regardless of whether you plan to take electives at North Star or whether you need them. This helps to ensure we have a back up in case something changes. Please help your counselors as we are required to give you a full schedule.*****


    Only submit your selection form once. If you have corrections, please webmail your counselor.


    *****IMPORTANT: Schedule changes are not allowed the first 2 weeks of school due to enrollment and attendance tracking. Schedule changes are not allowed unless student is incorrectly placed in a course******



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  • New High School Students for 23-24

    Welcome to North Star!! Please complete the appropriate Course Selection form below as best as possible. If you have questions or comments, please include them in the "Notes" section at the end of the form and I will contact you.

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