• NEW TO WCSD? If you are a NEW student to the Washoe County School District, you must contact our Registrar, Amy McMullen ( to get enrolled.

    Current Reno High students will view the PPT below and receive their color-coded course selection form in their history and/or freshman seminar class the week of January 24th. Before you complete your course selection form, consult the course catalog (quick link on the RHS Counseling Website) to make sure you have the prerequisite for each course you plan to select. 

    Summer School information will not be available until May 1st and will be posted on our website

    Students will individually meet with their counselor to review their COMPLETED course selection. If a student does not have their completed form when they meet with their counselor, the counselor will select their classes. Below are the dates the students meet with their counselor.  

    Monday, Jan 31              AP US History/US History: Mr. Ochs and Mr. Foster 

    Tuesday, February 1      US History:  Ms. May, Ms. Kelly, and Mr. Kivi  

    Thursday, February 2     AP Euro/World History: Mr. Mc Cart and Mr. Ross 

    Friday, February 4          World History: Ms. May, Mr. Foster, Ms. Kelly, and Mr. Richardson 

    Tuesday, February 8      Freshman Seminar: Avansino, Batcabe C, Begbie, Broughton, Busboom, Carsen-Burge, Cavallo, Cremean, Crosby, Fermoile, Foster, Glenn, Karlin, Kivi, Long, May, McCart, Osgard, Powers, Richardson

    Thursday, February 10  Freshman Seminar: Castle, Callahan, Cowell, Foley, Gilleon, Hinxman (Lucas), Hunt, Kelly, Lawrence, Sarafolean, Scholl, Stone