• NEW TO WCSD? If you are a NEW student to the Washoe County School District, you must contact our Registrar, Amy McMullen ( to get enrolled.

    Current WCSD 8th graders that attend middle schools zoned for Reno High School (Swope, Clayton, Mt. Rose, and Pine) will receive a course selection presentation by a Reno High counselor and receive their blue course selection form in February (see specific dates below). Before you complete your course selection form, consult the course catalog (quick link on the RHS Counseling Website) to make sure you have the prerequisite for each course you plan to select.  Counselors welcome questions via email as we will be unable to accommodate individual meetings with students and parents.

    Students COMPLETED course selections will be reviewed by a counselor on the date listed below. If a student does not have their completed form by the indicated date below, the counselor will select their classes

    February 6th   Swope Middle School presentations; February 10th  Course selection forms picked up 

    February 13th  Pine Middle School presentations; February 15th  Course selection forms picked up 

    February 14th  Clayton Middle School presentations; February 16th  Course selection forms picked up  

    February 16th  Mt. Rose presentations; February 21st  Course selection forms picked up        

    Summer School information will not be available until April and will be posted on our website.

    The RHS contact information for a recommendation for placement in an advanced math course (Alg 2 Honors or higher), weights, and/or Introduction to Engineering: 

    Math Recommendation:  Mr. Goodfellow (

    Weights Recommendation: Mr. Ehlen ( for men's OR Mrs. Johnson ( for women's 

    Introduction to Engineering: Mr. Kuhles (