TMCC Dual Credit/Jump Start Steps of Enrollment

  • Summer 2021/Fall 2021 class catalog opens March 15th. Please refer to the TMCC Dates and Deadlines page ( for specific registration dates.

    • The section numbers for the TMCC classes offered onsite are:
      • Period 1 English 101        Section: 90953 (T/TH)
        • RHS will not be offering p.6 Eng 101. Students who planned to take p. 6 Eng 101 need to register for the p. 1 section 


    • Instructions on how to register: >dual credit
      • Counselor approvals are ONLY done electronically
      • Counselor’s will NOT be approving over the summer
        • Deadline to register (completely through TMCC) is May 21st
        • Student will be enrolled in the RHS core class until counselor receives the approval form from TMCC
        • Application workshops will be held via webinars (see flier on RHS Counseling Website > dual credit)


      • Payment to TMCC MUST be done by the end of the first quarter (in the fall next year) or students will be placed into a credit recovery class and as well as the second semester class


    • Students MUST check their TMCC email- ALL communication on their part to student is through this email- account info in their acceptance letter


    • RHS will only be offering English 101 (Fall) /102 (Spring) and Theater 105 on RHS campus for 2021-2022 
      • English 101/102 are for SENIORS ONLY
      • English 101 and Political Science NOT allowed second semester.


    • Specific questions need to be addressed to JUMP START
      • e. Holds, prerequisites and qualifications, transcripts, etc.
      • 775-673-8236 or


TMCC Webinars and Newsletters

    1. Register to take the Accuplacer on Registerblast.The test is free for first-time testers. There is a charge of $23.50 for retakes. 
    2. The student will receive an email from Testing Services explaining the necessary technical requirements, how to download and use Zoom, and what materials are required and what materials and actions are prohibited during testing.
    3. On the day of the exam, a proctor will email the student with the Zoom meeting details.
    4. At test time, the proctor will host a testing session where the proctor will guide the student(s) through set up, then move students into individual breakout rooms where the proctor and the student can work one-on-one to get the student into the test.
    5. As student tests, the proctor will monitor progress through webcam and through Accuplacer. If students have technical issues or need assistance, they will be able to alert the proctor who can then enter the breakout room to help the student.
    6. When the student has completed the exam, the proctor will log-in and show them their test scores. Proctors will then email students immediately after the test with detailed instructions on how to access and print their Accuplacer scores. Scores will upload to the student's MyTMCC accounts within two hours of completion of the test.